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The Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program is a federal benefits program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Under the SSDI program, eligible individuals who are disabled and unable to work may qualify for monthly cash benefits in amounts that are determined by their work earnings and history.

The SSDI program also provides monthly cash benefits for eligible dependent family members of disabled individuals. In some cases, there also may be Greenville SSDI benefits for children and spouses of disabled individuals available. For assistance with your disability claim, reach out to a dedicated lawyer who is knowledgeable about SSDI benefits.

Family Members Eligible for SSDI Benefits

There are different categories of dependent family members who may be potentially entitled to SSDI benefits as a result of their family member’s disability. These family members may include:

  • Spouses who are age 62 or older
  • Spouses of any age who are caring for the individual’s child who is under the age of 16 or disabled
  • Unmarried biological or adopted children who are younger than age 18 (or age 19 if enrolled full-time in school)
  • Unmarried biological or adopted children who are 18 years of age or older and who became disabled prior to the age of 22 according to the adult definition of disability for the purposes of the SSA
  • In some cases, dependent stepchildren or grandchildren
  • In some cases, former spouses, if they were married for at least 10 years, age 62 or older, unmarried, and not eligible for an equal or higher benefit on their own earnings record or the earnings record of another

Applying for Benefits for Family Members in Greenville

Any qualified family members of individuals who are eligible for SSDI benefits must independently apply for benefits by telephone or at their local SSA office. They will need to bring their birth certificates and social security numbers. If spouses are applying for benefits, they will need to bring proof of prior and current marriages, including all relevant dates of marriage and divorce. For help applying for Greenville SSDI benefits for children and spouses, contact an attorney.

Amount of Benefits for Children and Spouses

All eligible family members of individuals who receive SSDI due to a disability may be entitled to a monthly benefit of up to one-half the amount being received by the disabled individuals. However, there are limits on the amount of SSDI benefits that family members can draw, depending upon the amount of the disabled individual’s monthly benefits and the number of eligible family members. Generally, the maximum amount of SSDI benefits that family members of a disabled individual can receive is between 150 and 180 percent of the disabled individual’s monthly benefit.

If the total amount of SSDI benefits payable to family members is greater than this maximum amount, then the family members each will receive proportionately decreased benefits. However, there will be no reduction to the disabled individual’s monthly benefit amount. There will be no reduction to benefits paid to children or a current spouse if there are benefits also payable to a former spouse.

Rely on the Advice of an Experienced Attorney for Greenville SSDI Benefits for Family Members

The laws and regulations surrounding SSDI benefits are complicated and often confusing for individuals who are trying to navigate their way through the Social Security system.

Since SSDI benefits can be a substantial source of income for you and your family if you become disabled, you are likely to need the advice and guidance of a SSDI benefits attorney. With legal help, Greenville SSDI benefits for children and spouses may be available to you.