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If you become disabled and unable to work and financially support your family, you may want to consider the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program as a potential source of assistance.

You must meet certain requirements related to your work history and your medical conditions in order to qualify for monthly SSDI benefits. Eligible dependent family members also may qualify for SSDI benefits as a result of your disability.

By making Greenville SSDI claims with the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you may be able to get the monthly income that you and your family need. Call a seasoned SSDI lawyer today and set up an initial consultation.

Disability Definitions for SSDI Claims

The SSDI program provides benefits only to those qualified individuals who are completely disabled. Unlike other benefits programs, like workers’ compensation or short-term disability insurance policies offered through one’s employer, SSDI is not for people who are only partially disabled or unable to work on a temporary basis.

In order to be eligible for SSDI benefits, a worker must have one medical condition or a combination of medical conditions that are sufficiently severe enough to cause them to be unable to engage in any kind of substantial and gainful work activities. The medical condition or conditions also must last for at least 12 months or be expected to last for 12 months or to result in death.

When Medical Conditions Are Disabilities

Officials at the Social Security Administration (SSA) who consider Greenville SSDI claims maintain a listing of medical impairments that often render workers disabled and unable to work for the purposes of SSDI benefits. If an individual’s medical conditions meet an impairment listing, then the SSA will determine that they are disabled, unable to work, and eligible for SSDI benefits so long as they meet all other necessary requirements.

On the other hand, if someone’s medical conditions do not meet an impairment listing, they still could be entitled to SSDI benefits. In this situation, SSA officials will determine whether the medical conditions make the person unable to perform the type of work that they performed in the past.

If the medical evidence indicates that the individuals no longer can perform work that they did in the past, then SSA officials will determine whether their medical conditions prevent them from engaging in any type of gainful work activity, based on their age, educational level, and past work skills and experience.

If the evidence supports a determination that the individuals’ medical conditions prevent them from engaging in any type of work based on their individual circumstances, then they may be entitled to SSDI benefits.

SSDI Claims and Work Credits in Greenville

In addition to meeting the SSA definition of disability, individuals must have a sufficient work history to qualify for SSDI benefits. Although there are some exceptions for individuals who become disabled as young adults, individuals typically must earn a total of 40 work credits to qualify for benefits under the SSDI program.

Furthermore, individuals must earn one-half, or 20, of those work credits within the ten years prior to and including the year that they claim they became unable to work. For the year 2018, one work credit is equivalent to $1,320 in earned wages, salary, or self-employment income. SSA adjusts this number annually to reflect increases in average wages. Workers can earn a total of four credits per year on their Social Security earnings records.

There are some jobs that do not result in employees earning work credits and there are some jobs in which people earn work credits at different rates, but individuals will generally earn work credits through their jobs at a rate of $1,320 per work credit.

An Attorney Could Help with Greenville SSDI Claims

The Greenville SSDI claims process can be lengthy and require detailed information and documentation that is not always easy to gather and present in an organized manner.

An experienced SSDI attorney may be able to assist you in getting the evidence that you will need to build a successful SSDI claim. Schedule a time to meet with an accomplished lawyer, and you may be able to get all of your questions about Greenville SSDI claims answered.