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When you are injured, ill, or otherwise unable to work, you may be able to look to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for assistance. SSA may provide monthly benefits to individuals who are disabled, unable to work, and meet certain other requirements.

Qualifying for SS disability in Greenville, however, is not always the easiest task. Therefore, you may wish to contact an experienced SSDI attorney for assistance in applying and qualifying for Social Security disability benefits.

The Basics of Social Security Disability Insurance

The Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program provides monthly benefits to disabled individuals if they worked long enough and paid in enough Social Security taxes to qualify for benefits. Certain family members of individuals who qualify for SSDI benefits also may be eligible for benefits.

Workers cannot qualify for SSDI if they are only partially or temporarily disabled. However, they may qualify for SSDI if their medical conditions meet the following criteria:

  • The medical conditions are sufficiently severe that they cannot engage in any substantial gainful work activities
  • The medical conditions have lasted, or are expected to last, for at least one year, or are expected to result in death

During the disability determination process, SSA officials will consider not only whether the applicant can perform their previous work, but also whether they can engage in any type of work based on their age, education, and work history and experience.

If the SSA determines that you are disabled, you are entitled to a monthly benefit. The amount of that benefit, as well as any benefits to which your dependent children and/or spouse may be entitled, varies according to your age, past earnings, and prior work history.

Applying for SSDI in Greenville

In order to apply for SSDI, individuals must fill out an application online, in person at a local Social Security office, or by telephone. The information required to complete an SSDI application includes information about applicants’ medical conditions and work history.

Qualifying for SS disability in Greenville will require individuals to provide contact information for all doctors and medical providers who have treated them for their medical conditions. Applicants also will need to submit any medical records that they already have in their possession, and sign authorization forms to allow SSA to access medical records that they do not have in their possession.

SSA also will need a list of all medications that applicants currently take, along with their dosages. Individuals also must fill out forms that describe their medical conditions and how those conditions impact their ability to perform daily activities.

Individuals also will need to provide detailed information about their work history in the SSDI application. This information includes the name and contact information of employers for whom they worked, a summary of the type of work performed, including all job duties, their most recent W-2 forms and, if self-employed, their most recent income tax return.

Get More Information About Qualifying for SS Disability in Greenville

Applying and qualifying for SS disability in Greenville can be a complex matter, simply due to the amount of information that you must provide to SSA. The application process is typically lengthy, so failing to provide necessary information can result in denials of benefits that can make the waiting process even longer.

Since disability benefits can be crucial when you are disabled and unable to work, it can be crucial to ensure that you have all of the necessary information and documents to submit to SSA along with your disability application.

An experienced attorney could guide you through the application process so that you have a better chance of having SSA grant your application for benefits.