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Work accidents are common and may occur in any setting, from construction sites to office buildings. Work injuries can be equally serious and may include soft tissue injuries, broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and even death, in some cases.

If you have sustained an on-the-job injury in Greenville, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under state law. In order to safeguard your legal rights and improve your chances of recovering the full amount of your benefits, there are certain actions you should take following your accident. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can advise you on what to do after a work accident in Greenville and may be able to represent you throughout your case.

When to Report an Injury to an Employer

The first thing an injured worker should do after sustaining an injury on the job is to report the accidental injury to a direct supervisor. An injured worker has one month following a workplace accident to report the accidental injury.

The longer an injured worker waits to report an accidental injury, the more skeptical the employer’s insurance company will be when it comes to paying benefits. Moreover, if the injured worker waits more than one month to report the accidental injury, delays may occur. In some cases, the employer’s insurer may even deny the claim outright if the worker does not report the accidental injury in a timely manner.

Seek Emergency Medical Care

After sustaining a workplace injury, it is extremely important that the worker seek emergency medical care as soon as possible. A worker can seek emergency medical care at a local hospital emergency room or urgent care facility. Alternatively, the worker may follow up with a primary care doctor.

The longer an injured worker waits to seek initial medical care, the more skeptical the employer’s insurer will become. If the worker seeks immediate medical care following an accidental workplace injury, the insurance company is much more likely to take the claim seriously.

Continuous Medical Treatment

After seeking emergency medical care following a workplace accident, the injured worker should continue receiving necessary medical treatment. This additional medical treatment may include doctor visits, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

In any case, it is most important that the injured worker follow through with all of the emergency room or urgent care doctor’s treatment recommendations. Failing to do so can cast a negative light on a future workers’ compensation claim.

File a Claim for Greenville Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In addition to completing all medical treatment, an injured worker must file a workers’ compensation claim with their employer’s insurer. After filing a claim for benefits, the employer’s insurer must either start paying the benefits within 14 days or deny the claim. If the employer’s insurer denies the claim, the injured worker may be able to appeal that decision with the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC).

An experienced Greenville workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to assist with appealing a workers’ compensation denial and representing injured workers at mediation sessions and hearings.

Greenville workplace accidents often create more questions than answers. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can be an invaluable help following a workplace accident. An attorney can help you determine what to do after a work accident in Greenville and can represent your legal interests as you focus on recovering from your injuries.