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While applying for workers’ compensation in Greenville can be a stressful situation after one has been seriously injured, know that you do not have to face it alone. A dependable Greenville personal injury lawyer can assist you in filing your claim and ensuring that you know exactly how much compensation you could be entitled to given your specific circumstances. Read on to learn more about applying for workers’ compensation in Greenville, as well as the ways a weathered Greenville workers’ compensation attorney can make a difference in your case.

Requirements for Greenville Workers’ Compensation

When applying for workers’ compensation in Greenville, an individual has to send a written notice of the injury describing what happened, the day it happened, and what part of their body was injured. This needs to be mailed directly to their employer. This written notice needs to be sent directly to the employer within 30 days. Since the notice has this deadline, an individual should be cautious of providing a reported interview with an adjuster before speaking with an experienced Greenville workers’ compensation attorney.

Necessary Forms

An injured employee should file an Industrial Commission Form 18 when applying for workers’ compensation in Greenville. In the event that a claim is denied, an Industrial Commission Form 33 has to be filed to request a hearing. The forms associated with workers’ compensation can be very complicated. They attempt to explain time limitations while also providing remedies in case an injured worker agrees with any information on the form, including how to file for a hearing. While the insurance adjusters understand the forms because they process them every day, the average individual may not understand every part of a workers’ compensation form. For this reason, they should seriously consider consulting with a professional Greenville workers’ compensation lawyer.

Information Needed to File a Claim

When applying for workers’ compensation in Greenville, an injured employee needs to have a list of medical providers they have seen for their injury as well as their past earnings information so that the correct compensation rate can be calculated. They need to have as much information as possible about how and when they were hurt, as well as any witnesses to the injury.

Common Mistakes Made When Seeking Workers’ Compensation

The most common mistake employees make when applying for workers’ compensation in Greenville is not telling their employer about the injury on the day it happens. Giving a recorded statement to an adjuster before consulting with an attorney can also lead to unfair compensation packages. Another mistake could be not seeking medical treatment because an individual thinks the injury is minor or will resolve. Even if one has not suffered a catastrophic injury, it is significant to seek treatment so that a medical professional can confirm an injury occurred. Before signing a full and final settlement agreement, an individual should speak to a reliable workers’ compensation attorney who can explain each and every benefit they are entitled to receive.

What Can Make Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Greenville Difficult?

Not understanding the time deadline, not understanding who is to receive notice, and not knowing how to obtain approval for medical treatment can all make applying for workers’ compensation difficult. If an injured worker decides to report the claim late, then the claim can be denied, meaning they will not receive any medical treatment or wage replacement. Unfortunately, underreporting instances such as these can occur because an employee may be worried about being terminated.

Reaching Out to a Greenville Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Local Greenville workers’ compensation lawyers can direct an individual to the Industrial Commission to obtain the proper forms they need. They can explain all of workers’ compensation, specifically injury by accident, before the injured worker gives a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, contact a dedicated Greenville workers’ compensation attorney today to set up your initial consultation.