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Your job should be a source of pride, not pain. However, sometimes even the best and safest workplaces can result in personal injuries.

One of the most common such injuries is a back injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 200,000 reported cases of back injuries on the job in 2014. Each back injury resulted in an average of eight days of missed work.

Fortunately, an experienced Greenville workplace back injuries lawyer may be able to help you. If you are injured on the job in North Carolina, a seasoned attorney could assist you in pursuing recovery for medical costs, back pay due to your injury, and similar expenses.

Back Injury Basics to Remember

Under North Carolina General Statutes §1-52, there is a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases. This means that a plaintiff claiming any kind of personal injury due to gross negligence, including a workplace injury, has only three years in which to file a valid claim. A Greenville workplace back injury attorney could ensure that the statute of limitations deadline is not missed, and plaintiffs are not denied a chance at recovery.

Proving Negligence in a Greenville Workplace Back Injury Case

Generally, all employers in North Carolina that employ three or more individuals must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Some domestic workers, farm workers, and federal government employees may be exempt from workers’ compensation laws.

If someone suffers a workplace injury, they must provide written notice to their employer within 30 days to be eligible for compensation, according to N.C.G.S. §97-22. Furthermore, under N.C.G.S. §97-28, any injured worker must wait at least seven days before receiving compensation. However, if a worker’s injury results in disability of more than 21 days, they are eligible to collect compensation starting from the date of their disability.

Additionally, under N.C.G.S. §97-24, individuals have a maximum of two years to claim workers’ compensation for their workplace injury. To ensure that this time limit does not run out, individuals may wish to seek the advice of a back injuries lawyer in Greenville as soon as possible if they are considering filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Civil Claims

Individuals who suffer an injury at work also have the option of filing a separate civil claim for damages if they believe negligence by their employer directly caused the injury. Employers have a general duty to ensure that their employees are properly trained and managed in the course of the employee’s workplace duties. Any failure to uphold that duty may expose the employer to liability.

Anyone with questions about the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit can contact a Greenville workplace back injury attorney for more information.

Let a Greenville Workplace Back Injuries Attorney Help

Back injuries are unfortunately common in many Greenville workplaces, especially in jobs where workers must lift or move heavy items. If this sounds similar to your situation, be sure to contact a Greenville workplace back injuries lawyer for assistance.

An experienced legal team is knowledgeable about North Carolina workers’ compensation law and could help you sort through the facts and your potential claims. From there, the attorney could work with you to develop a workers’ comp claim or a potential civil case, so that you can recover out-of-pocket costs such as medical expenses.