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When construction companies and third-party contractors are negligent or reckless while on a construction site, either entity may be held financially responsible for injuries that their workers cause. Although workers’ compensation may be sufficient to cover part of the associated medical expenses and lost wages, it may be essential to file a claim in civil court to cover all damages in some cases.

If you were injured at a Greenville construction site because of a safety violation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violation, negligence, or recklessness, contact a local construction accident attorney. A Greenville construction accident lawyer could work with you to pursue damages against construction companies and third parties responsible for the accident. Contact an established workers’ compensation attorney right away to begin your claim.

How Do Site Accidents Occur?

Serious workplace injuries occur regularly on construction sites because they are inherently dangerous environments. Not all workers on construction sites take the necessary precautions to prevent injury. The risks to those at construction sites do not only affect employees in the field of construction. In the wrong place and at the wrong time, pedestrians on or near construction sites may also sustain injuries just as serious or deadly as those faced by construction workers.

As Greenville construction accident lawyers know, there is a significant difference in the process to recover damages when the injured victim in a construction accident is an employee versus a non-employee. Employees are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits, while non-employees may file personal injury claims to seek recovery for construction site accidents.

Understanding the Role of Negligence in a Construction Claim

When filing a personal injury claim, the plaintiff must cite a basis for which they are entitled to recover. A common theory utilized in these claims is negligence. To establish that the person or entity causing an accident was negligent, the victim must show that the other person owes them a duty of care and that they failed to exercise the necessary care to meet that duty in a way that directly caused the injury.

On a construction site, that duty is often linked to applicable safety regulations. A common safety requirement is that employees obtain certification before they are permitted to operate heavy machinery. If construction site management permits someone without certification to operate heavy machinery and they subsequently cause an accident that injures a non-employee on the street, the accident is the result of negligence.

What is Recklessness?

Another basis for filing a personal injury claim following a construction site accident may be reckless. In Greenville, North Carolina, recklessness is acting carelessly or with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety or rights of others. Employees engaging in horseplay with heavy machinery, operating equipment while under the influence or while distracted, or tossing debris behind them without regard for passersby may be engaging in reckless behavior. If that recklessness injures an innocent bystander, the injured victim may opt to recover damages in court.

Seeking Advice From Legal Counsel

Construction injuries may limit an injured victim’s ability to return to their pre-accident life. The injuries may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, leave the victim unable to return to work, and create extreme financial hardship. They may also result in long-term disability, or exhaust any benefits that the victim is eligible to receive through workers’ compensation.

Fortunately, construction accident lawyers in Greenville have the experience and knowledge that could help you recover proportional compensation for your injuries. Talk to a Greenville construction accident lawyer today to explore the options in your case.