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Many workers must use machinery every day as part of their job – whether they work in factories, construction sites, distribution centers, retail stores, or other industries. Workers depend on manufacturers to thoroughly test and inspect the machinery before they put it on the market.

Unfortunately, as a Greenville faulty machinery lawyer can attest, there are far too many dangerous and defective pieces of equipment that workers use, leaving them at risk for serious injuries, and sometimes, death. If you have encountered this in a space that is meant to be safe, speak with an experienced construction attorney.

How Does Faulty Machinery Cause Accidents?

In most cases, the liability for the worker’s injuries fall either with the company the victim worked for or the manufacturer of the machinery. When the employer is liable for the faulty equipment, it is usually because they failed to inspect, maintain, or service the equipment on a regular basis. When workers use any type of machinery on a continual basis there may be gradual wear and tear.

Failure to inspect the machine to ensure that it is in good working order, or failure to repair or replace the machine when there is a problem, can lead to a malfunction of the equipment, putting any employees using that equipment – or employees in the area – in harm’s way.

If the machinery that injures a worker was defective – either through design or manufacturing – then a victim could pursue damages in a product liability case. In some cases, there may be third-party who is liable for the injuries, such as when a third-party owned the faulty machinery.

Potential Damages for Faulty Machinery Injuries

With the help of a Greenville faulty machinery lawyer, someone may be able to seek all medical expenses for their injury, including both past and future expenses if the injury left them with long-term or permanent damage which may require future medical care. An individual may also receive compensation for any loss of income their injury caused.

How much this amount could be will depend on whether the victim pursues this claim as a worker’s compensation case or as a claim against the manufacturer. Someone may even file both types of claims, again, depending on the circumstances of the case.

In addition to the economic damages the injury caused, a person may also be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, emotional anguish, loss of ability to enjoy daily life, and any other losses. In cases where the worker dies because of faulty machinery, Greenville law allows the family to pursue a wrongful death claim against those deemed responsible.

Help From an Attorney

Even a small machine, when faulty, can be deadly. Any injury that is the result of faulty machinery can be painful and costly. It can lead to permanent changes in quality of life and expensive medical bills. This can make the compensation an employee can receive for these injuries crucial. If you or a loved one suffered an injury from any type of faulty machinery, then do not hesitate to contact a Greenville faulty machinery lawyer right away.