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A Greenville factory worker injury lawyer understands there are multiple hazards and dangers that employees who work in factories and manufacturing plants face every day. Those hazards can cause serious injuries or illnesses to the employee and, far too often, those injuries result in permanent disabilities, or even more tragically, the worker’s death. Contact a skilled workers compensation attorney about how to obtain compensation for the injuries you have sustained at work.

What are Common Factory Injuries?

There are many ways a factory employee can sustain a job-related injury. However, a Greenville factory worker injury lawyer knows that some of the more common injuries are:

  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Transportation
  • Crushed or Severed Limbs
  • Exposure to Toxic Substances
  • Explosions and Fires

Most jobs in factories require workers to perform the same type of movement repeatedly. These repetitive motions can cause a weakness or breakdown in the soft tissue which surrounds and protect joints and muscles. Some of the more common types of repetitive motion injuries are back disc injuries, neck injuries, rotator cuff injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Once these injuries occur, if someone does not stop the activity to allow the injured area to heal, the worker can end up with permanent damage.

What is the Role of Heavy Machinery Transportation in Factory Accidents?

Other common types of injuries are those related to transportation. Common heavy equipment factory workers use such as forklifts, vans, and trucks that can run over or hit workers which could cause serious injuries.

The types of heavy machinery and other equipment in factories can cause serious – often fatal – injuries to the workers who work with and around the equipment. Workers face high risk of machinery hitting, crushing, or cutting them.

Dangerous Substances, Explosions, and Fires

There are many types of chemicals and other hazardous substances in factories that can cause immediate injury or death – such as sulfuric acid or hydrogen chloride – and those that cause serious illness or death from long-term exposure – such as asbestos. No matter how many safety precautions a worker may take, there is often a high risk of an explosion or fire breaking out when the company or other workers fail to follow proper safety protocols.

What a Greenville Factory Worker Injury Attorney Can Do

If you suffered an injury or developed a medical condition that is related to your job, a factory worker injury lawyer could help you receive financial benefits you are entitled to under North Carolina’s workers’ compensation law.

This law covers the cost of medical treatment employees who suffer a work-related injury need. These expenses include doctor’s visits, surgeries, physical therapy, medical equipment and devices, and medication. You also may recover transportation costs to get back and forth to your medical appointments.

You could receive a percentage of your current wages. You may receive this benefit every week until you can return to work. If you have a permanent disability, the company you work for may be responsible for future wages, as well as any vocational rehabilitation and training.

Work injury cases can be complex and require extensive knowledge how the state’s worker’s compensation system works. If you would like to find out how a Greenville factory worker injury lawyers may be able to help you obtain benefits.