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Every type of personal injury represents an unexpected, jarring occurrence capable of bringing about life-changing harm. However, those that stem from objects falling from above are particularly sudden, shocking, and potentially dangerous.

Whether such a scenario stems from a construction site mishap, improperly stacked store shelves, or any other type of negligence, victims can be left with massive medical bills, ongoing disability and a lifetime of challenges. If you suffered an injury in this manner and are ready to fight for appropriate compensation, a Greenville falling object injury lawyer is the advocate you need. A capable workers’ compensation attorney could fight for you.

Construction-Related Falling Object Injuries

One of the most common categories of falling object injuries involves situations that occur in and around construction sites. The heavy machinery, uneven ground and elevated work surfaces common to such work all set the stage for serious harm if care is not taken. Negligent acts and omissions that can lead to falling object injuries on construction sites encompass things such as:

  • Failure to use proper safety equipment, hard hats, or other protective gear
  • Failure to post or heed safety warnings on site
  • Failure to perform necessary maintenance on machinery
  • Failure to provide proper training on the use of equipment
  • Failure to properly secure tools and materials
  • Lack of care when hoists, cranes, and ropes are used

Falling Objects in Retail Environments in Greenville

Another common way in which falling object injuries can lead to profound harm is when shoppers are struck by-products stocked on tall shelving in conventional retail or warehouse-type outlet stores.

When goods are stacked on shelves that extend high toward the ceiling, they must be securely and properly balanced if safe conditions are to be maintained. Sadly, when stocking is done hastily or incorrectly, items can topple downward at a significant speed, producing major injury.

Harm Suffered by Pedestrians Hit by Falling Objects

It is also possible to sustain falling object injuries while doing something as routine as walking down the street. Negligent acts committed by window washers, construction workers or even those residing or working inside multi-story buildings have the potential to cause profound harm to those below. When this happens, it is important for victims to take swift action to protect their right to seek significant monetary resources from responsible parties.

Seeking Compensation After a Falling Object Injury

Every instance in which a falling object causes injury to innocent parties involves a unique fact pattern which must be thoroughly investigated. Every avenue of potential recovery, including traditional personal injury lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims, and third-party liability actions may be options, and a Greenville falling object injury lawyer could help an individual explore those options.

Enlisting the Assistance of a Greenville Falling Object Injury Attorney

Falling object injury events are unanticipated, violent, and in many cases, devastating in their effects. Victims owe it to themselves to aggressively pursue payment for medical expenses, loss of wages, and other available types of compensation.

An experienced attorney will enlist the help of medical experts, engineers and others to build the most persuasive claim possible. If you are struggling in the aftermath of such an occurrence, a Greenville falling object injury lawyer will provide the guidance and strategies you deserve to help you file a workers’ compensation or injury claim.