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There few, if any ways of earning a living that are more dangerous than being employed on a commercial fishing vessel. The sheer physicality and often treacherous working conditions make this type of work grueling as well as extremely hazardous.

Trollers, shrimpers, gillnetters, longliners, crabbers and others involved in harvesting and processing seafood routinely sustain serious harm. It is important that these victims know that a Greenville commercial fishing injuries lawyer can help them pursue fair compensation. A compassionate workers’ compensation lawyer could attempt to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Jones Act and Relevant Principles of Maritime Law

Commercial fishing personnel enjoy the extensive protections afforded by 46 U.S.C. §883, otherwise known as the Jones Act. This is a federal statute designed to provide key safeguards in the event of on-the-job injuries to seamen.

Pursuant to the Act, if a boating or fishing-related employer’s negligence or use of defective equipment is the cause of harm to an employee, the injured party can seek payment for lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages. It may also be possible for fishing industry employees to seek additional damages if the vessel’s owner or crew are suspected of negligence or the vessel was deemed unseaworthy.

Common Types of Commercial Fishing Accidents in Greenville

Again, there can be little doubt about the significant dangers faced by those involved in commercial fishing enterprises and the ways in which serious injuries can occur are numerous. Some of the more typical accidents on commercial fishing vessels encompass events and causes such as:

  • Falling through a hatch that has been left open
  • Arms or legs being caught in cables, nets, or rigging
  • Tripping and falling because of cluttered deck spaces
  • Slipping on poorly maintained ladders or gangways
  • Crush injuries resulting from unsecured portholes or boat hatches
  • Harm produced by defective, poorly maintained, or improperly used equipment
  • Overloading nets and catch pots

Injuries Frequently Sustained on Commercial Fishing Vessels

Given the ways in which fishing vessel injuries tend to unfold, it is not surprising that the sorts of harm often sustained can prove life-altering as well as career-ending. Victims of commercial fishing accidents routinely suffer serious burns, spinal cord damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and even death. As such, it is crucial for victims and their loved ones to be aware of their rights to seek fair compensation as well as a degree of accountability from the party or parties responsible.

Reasons to Consider Pursuing a Fishing Injury Claim

Accidents that occur on commercial fishing boats regularly produce severe injuries, lasting disability, and frightening uncertainty for entire families. Those hurt while engaged in this line of work often find themselves wondering whether they will ever physically recover or be able to provide for their loved ones as in the past. The legal system gives victims the ability to seek the financial resources necessary to facilitate healing and the resumption of as normal a life as possible. A Greenville commercial fishing injuries lawyer could help an individual recover the compensation that they deserve.

Securing the Help of a Commercial Fishing Injury Attorney

Commercial fishing activity abounds in locations all along the Atlantic coastline, and the waters off Greenville are no exception. Because of the dangerous nature of this work, injuries that happen in commercial fishing can be devastating.

If you experienced a devastating injury while working on a fishing vessel and are ready to explore your options, a Greenville commercial fishing injuries lawyer is ready to assist. Call today to set up a free consultation with a skilled attorney who can help you better understand your rights,