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Though many associate hearing loss with the natural process of aging, many people at every stage of life experience this type of life-changing circumstance from accidents due to the negligence of others.

Whether a sudden event or more gradual exposure to harmful work conditions produces hearing difficulties, it is important for victims to realize that remedies at law do exist. If you sustained damage of this type, a Greenville hearing loss lawyer will fight tirelessly for the compensation you deserve. Contact a skilled workplace injury attorney who can help you fight for damages.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

There are many degrees of hearing loss, many of them capable of causing substantial interference with daily life and hindering enjoyment of common activities. Some of the typical characteristics of hearing impairment include continuous ringing or whooshing sounds in the ears, difficulty hearing higher-pitched sounds, noticeable muffling or distortion of sounds, and perhaps most vexing, trouble understanding the speech of others, especially in noisy settings. Those who experience one or more of these symptoms may be the victims of negligence in the workplace.

Common Scenarios Leading to a Loss of Hearing in Greenville

Many hearing loss cases stem from occupational exposure to excessive amounts of noise. Manufacturing equipment and machinery emitting loud sounds can produce harm and if an employer failed to warn employees, provide sufficient protection, or heed governmental regulations, they may be liable.

Hearing loss caused by sudden, unexpected loud noises such as an airbag deployment or an impact to the head can also form the basis of an injury lawsuit if another party’s negligent acts or omissions were to blame. Unchecked viruses and undetected tumors may also lead to hearing impairment, and in such cases, actionable medical negligence may be indicated.

Establishing Liability for Full or Partial Hearing Loss

To prevail in a workers’ claim related to hearing loss, it will be necessary to demonstrate several factors. Although workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that does not require the injured worker to prove their employer was negligent, they still must prove their injury occurred during their work and was related to their duties.

In an injury case for hearing loss, a plaintiff must show that the temporary or permanent hearing loss was produced by the negligent or intentional acts of another party and that the claimant did not willingly submit to the events in question. Furthermore, it must be established that the damages alleged occurred directly because of the loss of hearing suffered, and these may be in the form of lost wages, medical expenses, or emotional distress.

Compensation Available for Hearing Loss Victims

Because the loss of hearing is a profound tragedy that has extremely negative ramifications for those who experience it, the monetary compensation available can be quite significant. Past, present and future medical bills may be included in a damage award, along with payment for lost wages, and lost earning potential. Workers who suffer from hearing loss as a result of their work may recover benefits through a workers’ compensation claim.

Effective Advocacy from a Greenville Hearing Loss Lawyer

Defendants in hearing loss claims can be anyone from factory owners to medical doctors, vehicle airbag manufacturers to careless drivers. Common to all such matters, however, is a victim’s need for diligent representation and comprehensive knowledge from a trusted attorney.

If you suffered from hearing loss at work and are ready to seek appropriate financial recovery through a workers’ compensation claim, a Greenville hearing loss lawyer is ready to begin the fight.