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If you suffered an industrial injury, North Carolina law says you may receive benefits and compensation for that injury. A Greenville industrial injury lawyer could assist you in navigating through the complex workers’ compensation system. An established workers compensation attorney may be able to help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

What Is an Industrial Accident Claim?

Under North Carolina tort law, any person who suffers an injury because of another person’s negligence or recklessness may pursue compensation for any losses they suffered against the party who was responsible for the accident that caused the injury. Typically, as in the case of a car accident, the victim files a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company and the insurance company either negotiates a just and fair settlement offer with the victim’s personal injury lawyer or the lawyer may file a lawsuit.

Role of the Industrial Commission

Although an industrial accident claim is similar in some ways, claims for an industrial accident fall under the auspice of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. In these cases, the injured worker notifies their employer of the injury right away, but instead of filing a claim with their employer’s workers compensation liability insurance company, the victim files a claim with the Industrial Commission.

A victim can file the claim themselves, but it may be better for them to retain the services of a Greenville industrial injury lawyer who could file the claim on their behalf. Industrial accident claims can be complicated, with time restraints and deadlines that the individual must meet and information they must provide.

An attorney could file an appeal on someone’s behalf if the deputy commission initially denies their claim. In these situations, the full commission may hear the claim and treat the appeal just like a court trial.

Benefits of an Industrial Accident Injury Claim

Once the commission approves a claim, all payments for any benefits will come from the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. They could be responsible for paying all medical expenses, including any medical equipment and medication a doctor prescribes. The insurance company must also reimburse the worker for all travel costs to get to and from medical appointments.

An employee may also receive approximately 67 percent of their normal wage each week. This is a temporary benefit that may last until a doctor says the employee is well enough to return to work. In many situations, a doctor may initially release an injured employee to go back to work on a limited work schedule. In this case, the insurance could adjust the wage replacement benefit accordingly.

Why Speak with an Attorney

In injury cases where the worker suffered permanent damage or disability that prohibits them from returning to their prior position, they may receive benefits for the rest of their lives. They may also receive vocational rehabilitation and training. It is important to note that every case is different, as are the outcomes. Speak with a Greenville industrial injury lawyer about pursuing your case.