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When we place our loved ones in nursing homes for care and treatments in their old age and sickness, we expect that they will be receiving the treatment we are paying for. No one ever said nursing home full time care would be cheap, though we do expect that our loved ones will receive the care and compassion that they deserve.

Unfortunately today, people lack the respect for the elderly that was once revered in our society. Grey hair was once a sign of wisdom and accomplishment at the end of a long life, and these people used to be showed the utmost of respect.

Today the elderly are merely viewed as people who are in the way, often times treated as though they were a young child who doesn’t understand as opposed to a person who has lived a long full life and is now coming to the end of their days here in earth.

Nursing home abuse comes in many different shapes and forms ranging from simple neglect, all the way to physical abuse. Many of the injuries that our beloved elderly are victims of are falling; one of the most preventative injuries that plague nursing homes today.

According to studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls in nursing homes kill about 1,800 elderly people each year with over a million accidents occurring annually injuring the majority of them. They project that if this abuse contuse on, by the time we reach the year of 2030, there will be about 3 million fall injuries in nursing homes per year. Their studies also show that while only five percent of all elderly people above the age of 65 actually live in nursing homes, 20% of all deaths in this age bracket are caused by these accidents.

What is so shocking is that even though a large number of falling accidents at nursing homes go unreported, there are at least half to even three quarters of all elderly people in the homes who fall per year. And these injuries occur twice as often for those in care facilities than those who are living elsewhere. It is the responsibility of those working in the nursing homes to help these elderly people to prevent these often fatal injuries.

By having the staff property educated on how to prevent and treat falling injuries may result in much safer environments for the weak elderly who are already at risk of injuries. Nursing homes need to consider making the necessary changes to their facility in order to create a safer environment in the event a patient falls down when a caretaker or nurse is not present.

Nursing homes are not to be places where the elderly vegetate in their beds, but establishing classes and regular exercise routines for them will increase their overall strength and ability to carry themselves and prevent falling accidents altogether. However, many accidents and injuries occur because of the negligent acts of the staff or care facility as a whole. Far too many individuals are having their lives placed at risk in their facilities and as a result injuries and fatalities occur on a regular basis.

Common causes for these accidents include the actual environment of the nursing home, and are a cause of about 27 percent of the injuries for patients. 24 percent of the injuries are often a direct result of weakness and difficulty walking in the patients, which is why the oversight and help of a staff member is so crucial. Other injuries for the patients are caused by poor foot care, shoes, or walking tools and can result in serious injuries for the patients. As you can see, far too many people in nursing homes are being neglected and abused; and if this is your loved one, call the Whitley Law Firm today for the Raleigh attorney you deserve!