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When looking for an attorney to represent you after suffering a personal injury of any kind, you will want to invest the time to properly research the best firm to handle your case. In order to ensure that your research pays off, it is important to know what to look for in legal counsel.

At Whitley Law Firm, we have provided some guidelines during your search for quality representation. Whether you select us during your fight for full and fair compensation or go with another firm, we hope you keep these points in mind:

You need a lawyer who has experience in personal injury law

With experience comes an understanding of the ways in which a case must be handled, as well as the right strategies to obtain a positive result. Choosing an experienced attorney means that he or she has likely developed a strong working relationship with the claims’ adjusters and other resources that may be useful in handling your case.

You need an attorney who is well-respected in the insurance industry

A person’s reputation is often an important indication of how they will treat you. The same principle goes for hiring a firm to represent your personal injury case. If a lawyer has a positive reputation and is highly regarded within the insurance industry, he or she will have a much more convincing presence when handling your case.

You need an attorney who is accessible

During the course of representation, you will also want to be able to reach out to the attorney who is handling the case; That could mean the difference between your own financial stability and financial difficulty. You will want to be able to ask your attorney questions and discuss the progress of your claim throughout the case.

You need to feel comfortable with your attorney

If you do not feel that you are being respected or that the lawyer cares about your case, it is difficult to trust the firm or have confidence in the outcome. Feeling comfortable with your attorney is equally as important as his or her industry experience and other factors that you are assessing.

Is Whitley Law Firm the right firm for you?

At Whitley Law Firm, we have more than 80 years of experience handling personal injury cases and can use our knowledge and resources for your benefit. We are well-respected throughout the legal community and insurance industry, which means you can have confidence in the representation we provide. Because we place our clients first, we offer limitless access to your injury attorney as well as resources that can be utilized throughout the case.

Schedule a free case evaluation with us today to see if you feel at home with the legal representation we offer as so many previous clients have! Contact our firm today.