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When someone gets hit by a negligent driver, they have the right to seek compensation for their injuries from the responsible party. However, this can be more difficult if that person gets hit by a driver who then flees the scene. A Jacksonville hit-and-run accident lawyer could work with an injured victim to help them receive damages for their losses.

A seasoned car wreck attorney may be able to assist you on your hit-and-run case if you were hit by an anonymous driver and sustained serious injury. Connect with a legal representative today to get started on your claim.

What is a Hit-and-Run Car Accident?

A hit-and-run occurs when a motor vehicle causes an accident and then flees the scene before the police officers, or first responders can get there. This situation can be problematic because, without the driver responsible for the accident present, the victim has no at-fault party to contact for compensation. While this injured individual should have uninsured motorist coverage to help cover some of the costs, recovering damages can more complicated. A knowledgeable hit-and-run collision attorney in Jacksonville could explain these complications to an individual.

In most hit-and-run accidents, the at-fault driver fled the scene to avoid legal repercussions. This behavior could include driving while intoxicated or driving with a suspended license. The fleeing driver could have been uninsured and fearful of what might happen if law enforcement discovered they had no auto insurance.

Recoverable Damages in a Hit-and-Run Collision

Recoverable damages in a hit-and-run case include compensatory damages such as past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Economic damages can be recovered for out of pocket expenses. Non-economic damages could also include inconvenience, emotional anguish, and loss of consortium. A seasoned lawyer could help a claimant calculate both economic and non-economic losses to determine how much they could receive in compensation from the insurance company or the at-fault driver.

Punitive Damages

In some other cases where there are egregious facts on the part of the person who caused the wreck, then an injured victim can get punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish the wrongdoer.

If a person who is driving a vehicle causes the wreck and flees the scene, that is some indication of liability. In addition to this fact, the fleeing driver is taking any action to make sure that the other person is okay. Fleeing the scene shows a heightened degree of carelessness, which allows for the request of punitive damages.

Steps to Take After a Hit-And-Run Accident

The critical steps a person should take after being involved in a hit-and-run accident are to write down anything and everything they can remember about the accident. If an injured individual can remember the type of vehicle or the license plate number of the at-fault driver, this could give law enforcement more information to catch the runaway driver.

The victim should also hire an attorney to have someone on their side from the beginning and help to investigate the case early. A diligent hit-and-run accident lawyer in Jacksonville could look for witnesses to the incident to help determine and find the at-fault party.

Contact a Jacksonville Hit-And-Run Accident Attorney

A Jacksonville lawyer who has experience with hit-and-run accident claims can help by conducting a full investigation and putting all responsible entities on notice. If the injured victim has an uninsured motorist claim, there are specific legal actions an attorney can take to pursue the individual’s case further.

Being involved in an accident where you may never be able to hold the person responsible for your injuries accountable can be extremely stressful. If you experienced an accident where the at-fault driver fled the scene, you should get help from a Jacksonville hit-and-run accident lawyer. Your attorney could review your case and determine how best to obtain compensation. Contact our office for a consultation.