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A rollover accident happens when one of the vehicles in a wreck flips over one or multiple times. These accidents can be severe if not fatal depending on the cause of the wreck and the circumstances of the accident victim’s injuries. Because these types of wrecks can cause horrific consequences, an injured party may be entitled to compensation for their losses.

If you were involved in an accident where your car flipped over, you should speak with a well-versed Jacksonville rollover accident lawyer immediately. A skilled car accident attorney could handle any legal challenges that may come with your claim while you focus on achieving a full recovery.

The Severity of Rollover Car Wrecks

Rollover car accidents typically occur at high rates of speed, when a vehicle runs off the road or hits a large object, such as a telephone pole. These types of collisions can be different from others because the vehicle does not maintain constant contact with the ground.

As a result, the passengers inside the vehicle may experience severe injuries because their bodies may get knocked around as the car flips over. An experienced Jacksonville rollover accident attorney could asses the severity of a case and evaluate how this may impact an accident victim’s compensatory award.

How to Prevent a Rollover Auto Accident

Drivers can prevent themselves from becoming involved in a rollover car accident by maintaining control of their vehicle. They should avoid distractions, such as using their cellphone, that may cause them to run off of the road because this is one of the major causes of rollover accidents.

A person may be unable to prevent themselves from becoming involved in an accident where their car rolls over if a vehicle approaches them from the opposite direction and veers into their lane. In this situation, someone may get into a head-on collision or run off the side of the road, causing a rollover accident. Either of these collisions could cause serious injuries and possibly death. To document a rollover car crash, an accident victim should report it to the police and make sure the officers come out and survey the scene.

A knowledgeable Jacksonville lawyer who has experience with rollover accidents could help an injured party file a claim for compensation against the negligent driver who caused their car to flip over. In the event that one passenger dies, an attorney also could help any surviving family members file a wrongful death claim and sue for any damages that arise due to their loved one’s death.

Speak with a Seasoned Jacksonville Rollover Accident Attorney Today

To help injured parties recover damages for their losses, a Jacksonville rollover accident lawyer could document everything they can at the scene, perform investigative tasks, work to preserve any relevant evidence, and interview witnesses. If you need help after getting injured in a car wreck where your vehicle flipped over, legal counsel could provide assistance. To get started on your case, call today and schedule an initial case consultation. Let an attorney help you recover compensation.