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Common Jacksonville motorcycle defects and recalls may include problems with the fuel system, throttle, or brakes. If a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident and a skilled attorney can prove that there was a defect in the field system, the rider could have a potential products liability claim against the manufacturer. If you were injured due to a defective motorcycle, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer today.

The Difference Between a Motorcycle Defect and a Recall

The difference between a motorcycle defect and a recall of a motorcycle model or motorcycle part is that a defect typically occurs in one particular model itself. A recall may occur if there was a pattern detected in certain serial numbers or models. In this instance, the factory should implement a recall to replace that part.

A person can check to see if a manufacturer recalls their motorcycle through the manufacturer websites. As long as someone registers their vehicle, then the manufacturer is required to send out notification letters. A knowledgeable attorney could also inform individuals of any defects and recalls for motorcycles in Jacksonville.

Dangers of Defective Motorcycles

A recall could be due to a malfunctioning fuel system, throttle system, braking system, or another critical component. When one of these key parts does not function properly, this could lead to an accident. Anyone who drives a motorcycle should be aware of any recalls on their motorbike and find out the severity of the recall by checking with the manufacturer or local repair shops to determine if the motorcycle can be safely operated until the defect is repaired.

Damages After a Motorcycle Accident Due to a Defect

A person can recover damages if they were injured in a motorcycle accident and unaware of existing defect or recalls on the bike. If someone is injured and believes there should have been a recall on their motorbike, they can speak with an attorney who is familiar with product liability claims. A lawyer could investigate the situation and evaluate whether or not there would be any potential recovery against the manufacturer.

Designer and Manufacturer Responsibilities

The duties of designers and manufacturers when producing and selling motorcycles are to produce safe vehicles that comply with federal and state law and to notify potential customers of any defects they discover. The manufacturers and designers should take responsibility if there they find any motorcycle defects or reasons to recall in Jacksonville because they can lead to severe injuries or accidents.

Public Reports

A public report is produced by the United States government and can be found at recalls.gov. These reports can give consumers the ability to search for public recalls on any products, including motorcycles.

These reports include safety-related defects and any non-compliance with a recall. When a motorcycle rider looks up a public report, they should know what their vehicle identification number (VIN) is, so that they can look up to see whether or not their vehicle is subject to any recalls.

Contact an Attorney to Learn About Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in Jacksonville

If a harmed victim can prove that a motorcycle’s defect caused their injuries, then that individual could recover damages. However, this could be difficult without help from a legal professional or expert testimony. If you suffered an injury while riding a defective motorcycle, contact an attorney today for help building a claim and to learn about Jacksonville motorcycle defects and recalls.