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One of the unique aspects of Jacksonville motorcycle accidents is their tendency to result in severe injuries. For instance, serious car wrecks can result in minor injuries, whereas minor motorcycle accidents can result in significant injuries because motorcyclists have less protection and fewer safety measures than motorists. If you sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle wreck, you should reach out to a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

Common Aspects of Motorcycle Wrecks

The most common aspect of motorcycle accidents in Jacksonville is that a driver of a vehicle does not see a motorcycle and makes a turn across the path of a motorcycle. This occurs because drivers may not be as used to judging close distances with motorcycles as they may be for other vehicles. This inability to see motorcyclists is also the reason why motorcycle collisions may happen more frequently than pedestrian accidents. Even when motorcycle drivers do everything that they can to give awareness to other drivers of their existence, including running their light, using turn signals, and being hyper-aware on the road, accidents are common.

Typical Motorcycle Injuries

Th most common types of motorcycle wreck injuries may include orthopedic and head injuries. Despite wearing helmets, head injuries may still happen because the riders are thrown from the motorcycle with varying degrees of force. As a result of being thrown off of their motorbike, riders may also sustain orthopedic injuries from hitting the ground.

Driving Safely on the Road

Drivers of passenger vehicles can ensure that they are driving safely by being more aware of others on the road. There are many types of driver distractions, such as cell phones and car technology, and these devices make it harder for drivers to pay attention while behind the wheel.

Motorcyclists can make themselves more aware of the increased risks of Jacksonville motorcycle accidents by understanding the safety issues involved. Motorcycle riders should be trained and better equipped to handle any type of issues involved in highway safety. Additionally, riders should take courses to better understand the consequences associated with riding a motorbike.

Traffic Standards for Motorcyclists

Vehicles 30 cubic centimeters or under are classified as motor scooters. If it is above this measurement, they would be considered motorcycles. The law holds motorcyclists to the same standards as other drivers. In a practical sense, sometimes a jury trial may tend to have a bias against motorcycle riders, and that is a common misbelief held by the public.

If there is a civil trial, a judge enforces this standard. However, driving standards are upheld by the rules that people follow, and if someone breaks these rules, then they can be held accountable both in civil court for monetary compensation and in criminal court for charges.

Contact an Attorney to Learn About the Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Accident Cases in Jacksonville

An experienced attorney considers the various unique aspects of Jacksonville motorcycle accidents when preparing a case. For example, a legal representative may investigate a case to determine liability by finding evidence to prove that the defendant caused the accident due to negligent behavior and that the plaintiff sustained injuries through no fault of their own.

A seasoned legal representative may also complete an analysis of the damages in the case by taking into account the type of injuries the plaintiff sustained and how they impacted this person’s daily life. To learn what an attorney could do for and your claim, call today.