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There are many advantages to traveling by bicycle, riders can avoid busy commuter traffic, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and obtain their recommended daily exercise. Unfortunately, biking also carries a unique set of risks. Cyclists are less likely to be seen by motorists, and when struck, lack the shielding of a car or truck.

Drivers, therefore have a responsibility to take extra precautions against harming bicyclists on the road. Likewise, those who maintain the roads have a responsibility to keep their conditions safe for cyclists.

When those responsibilities are neglected, there can be severe or even deadly consequences for the injured parties. When this happens in Kinston, it is in the cyclist’s family’s best interests to retain the services of a trusted Kinston bicycle accident lawyer.

How an Attorney Can Help

When the results of a bicycle collision are not fatal, they generally call for extensive surgery, medication, and physical therapy, sometimes lasting a lifetime. Furthermore, the treatments may never erase the impact the injuries have had on the cyclist’s life.

Family members may be forced to pay for extra care for the injured person, or take time away from work to do so — all while the recovering cyclist also takes time from earning an income. The diminished or nonexistent earnings can take a great financial toll on the injured person’s family.

At the same time, healthcare expenses mount, causing greater strain. Having a smart, knowledgeable lawyer in a cyclist’s corner can help alleviate some of that financial burden. Experienced attorneys understand that the last thing anyone wants is to worry about money when dealing with the physical and mental healing process. Bicycle accident lawyers in Kinston will work with cyclists toward obtaining the compensation that will properly address their needs.

Making a Personal Injury Claim

Consulting with a lawyer may be the most crucial step in the recovery process, second only to seeking medical attention.

While the results of a bike accident can impact cyclists for a lifetime, people do not have a lifetime to file a claim or seek adequate compensation. It important to speak to an attorney right away for three main reasons:

  • North Carolina imposes strict statutes of limitations on personal injury claims.
  • Details that are recorded soon after an accident are seen as more reliable.
  • An attorney can guide clients and prevent them from rushing to accept an unfair offer.

In the aftermath of any personal injury, many people simply want to move forward quickly without questioning who is working in their best interests. If individuals do not enlist the right advocate, however, such as a knowledgeable Kinston bike accident attorney, the recovery process can become that much longer and more difficult.

Holding the Liable Accountable

The rate for bicycle accident-related deaths in the US is alarmingly high, at 900 per year, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Sadly, these deaths are often preventable.

As dedicated personal injury attorneys, we want to ensure that, not only are our clients’ needs met after the accident but also that those who are responsible for the suffering endured are held accountable.

It is important to send a message to drivers and road workers that bicycle safety is not to be taken lightly. It is important that we work to reduce risks as much as possible and protect those who ride for work, play or exercise.