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New Study Reveals a Serious Issue with Forced Arbitration

Recently, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) released a new report uncovering the truth about forced arbitration. Forced arbitration is a corrupt system...

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What You Should Know About Labor Day Car Accidents

For many, the three-day Labor Day weekend is the last piece of Summer before the school year gets into full swing. There can be festivals, parades, barbeques, a...

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FDA Calls Surgical Staplers and Staples Unsafe

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released reports detailing more than 56,000 medical malfunctions related to surgical staplers that were reported betw...

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Recent Studies Show Harmful Effects of E-Cigarettes

An increasing number of health studies and lawsuits have started to appear that raise concern about the use of electronic cigarettes – or e-cigarettes. While ...

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Zostavax Injection

On April 28th, 2015, Darlene Howard was given the Zostavax shingles vaccine at a Walgreens Pharmacy. One month later, she was infected and covered head-to-toe w...

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Johnson & Johnson’s History with “Safe” Levels of Asbestos in Their Baby Powder

The New Jersey state trial continues against Johnson & Johnson, with the pharmaceutical giant’s representative and former company toxicologist recently ta...

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Allergan Breast Implants Recalled Due to Connection with Rare Lymphoma 

Allergan, a pharmaceutical company based out of Dublin, Ireland, is initiating a worldwide recall of their Biocell textured breast implants and tissue expanders...

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Roundup Verdict Cut from $80 Million to $25 Million

On July 15, a federal district judge in San Francisco reduced the award Bayer and Monsanto Co. would have to pay a man who claimed that the popular weed killer,...

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North Carolina Becomes First State to Sue E-Cigarette Company JUUL

JUUL is an electronic cigarette company that has taken over the e-cigarette industry in recent years, representing nearly 55% of the market. While supporters ar...

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Bayer Assembles New Team as Roundup Cases Continue

On June 26th, Bayer announced it is assembling a new team dedicated to handling the highly-publicized Roundup lawsuits. The eight-person committee will consist ...

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