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A side impact occurs when someone drifts from a lane and sideswipes another vehicle. This type of accident is known to involve serious injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, and other types of long-term disabilities. Since this accident usually occurs as a result of another driver’s carelessness, it is advisable to retain legal assistance in order to recover damages.

If you suffered injury as a result of a side-impact accident, you may benefit from the services of a trusted injury attorney. With a New Bern side-impact collision lawyer at your side, you may be able to obtain a favorable result. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Common Fact Patterns in Side-Swipe Accidents

Some common fact patterns surrounding side-impact accident scenarios include lane changes, not looking to see if the path is clear, blind spots, texting while driving, and distracted driving. In other cases, the driver at-fault was intoxicated at the time of the accident. If that is the case, the plaintiff is likely to be awarded compensation for damages since the negligent driver was not in complete control of their motor skills due to their impairment.

First Steps to Take in a Side-Impact Collision Claim

A person involved in a side-impact collision should call 911 and tell the officer that they have been involved in a collision. They should make sure that they move their car to the side. Once they can safely step out of the car, they should take pictures. In addition, victims should be sure to have a doctor examine their injuries. By having a doctor look at their injuries, they would be creating a legal record which could be treated as evidence during any settlement negotiations and trial if necessary.

Recoverable Damages in a Side-Impact Case

When a person suffered injuries through no fault of their own, they would be able to obtain both economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages accounts for damages that are tangible, such as missed time at work resulting in a loss of wages, property damage, and medical expenses. Noneconomic damages on the other hand, accounts for intangible items such as psychological trauma and loss of enjoyment of life. For more insight, speak with a New Bern side-impact collision lawyer.

Punitive Damages

In some cases where the negligent driver’s actions merit a significant legal penalty, the plaintiff may ask the court to consider adding punitive damages to a person’s award. Punitive damages are calculated by the jury at trial and take into account the recklessness of the at-fault party’s actions.

Benefits of Working with a New Bern Side Impact Collision Attorney Today

Victims looking to obtain damages following a side-impact accident should reach out to an attorney for legal help. By adding the services of a New Bern side-impact collision lawyer to your case, you may find the injury claims much easier to go through. A lawyer could inform you of all the pieces of evidence necessary for obtaining a favorable outcome, and if you cannot or are unable to gather evidence due to ongoing medical treatment, an attorney could take on that responsibility on your behalf.