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In addition to physical impairment, burn injuries can also lead to significant emotional and mental trauma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one person in the United States dies in a fire every 135 minutes on average, and someone is injured approximately every 30 minutes.

Not only are burn injuries typically expensive to treat, they are also extremely painful and may cause extended suffering. Depending on the kind of burn injury sustained, required medical treatment and the associated recovery process could be extensive, not to mention costly in proportion to the length and complexity of the treatment.

If another person’s negligence or willful act led to you suffering a serious burn, you may want to get in touch with a New Bern burn injury lawyer. If retained, a dedicated personal accident attorney could help you establish accountability in your case and make a successful claim for compensation.

Degrees of Burns

First-degree burns rank the lowest in terms of severity. There is likely to be swelling, redness, and pain in the affected area, but such injuries usually do not need emergency medical care. However, if the face or a major joint is affected, then it might be better to seek professional medical assistance.

Second-degree burns rank a little higher on the severity scale, causing painful blisters on the epidermis, dermis, and the inner layer of skin. If the affected area is less than 10 percent of the body, treatment without hospitalization may be possible. In order to minimize the risk of infection from the wounds, it is important to take closer care of this type of injury compared to first-degree burns.

Emergency medical care is usually essential for third-degree burns, as these burns penetrate every layer of skin as well as the tissue underneath. Skin grafting often becomes necessary during the recovery period, and this type of injury is also more likely than superficial burns to result in complications.

The most serious burns of all are fourth-degree burns, which always require emergency care. Due to the affected area of the body becoming black and charred in light of severe damage to muscles, organs, and bones, amputation might be necessary. A New Bern burn injury lawyer could make an objective assessment of potential damages in a client’s case while taking into account the degree of burns they are suffering from.

Contributory Negligence

Motor vehicle accidents, explosions, chemical-to-skin contact, and fires triggered by faulty products can all lead to burn injuries. Irrespective of the cause, someone who suffers burns due to another person’s negligence may be eligible to seek compensatory damages. However, the right to recovery can vary based on the particular circumstances that caused the accident and led to the burns.

When it comes to burn injury cases, courts in New Bern, North Carolina adhere to a pure contributory negligence standard. As per this standard, if an accident victim is found to be even partially responsible for their injury in any way, they lose the right to compensation. The amount of fault attributable to either party is of no consequence in this state.

Contact an Experienced New Bern Burn Injury Attorney

You may qualify for compensation if you or someone close to you suffered burn injuries due to another’s negligence. Pain and suffering, loss of income, medical expenses, loss of consortium, and future medical costs all constitute potential damages that may be recovered.

A knowledgeable New Bern burn injury lawyer could be qualified to assess your claim and ascertain if there are reasonable grounds for a legal claim related to a burn injury. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.