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Paralyzing injuries can take various forms and result in several types of symptoms and effects. When the spinal cord sustains severe damage, it can lead to paralysis and impair the victim’s ability to touch, feel, and move a few or all parts of their body. If someone else’s actions caused you or a loved one to suffer this kind of life-altering injury, you should strongly consider talking to a New Bern paralysis injury lawyer about your legal options for recovery.

Types of Paralysis

The specific location of an injury to the spine or spinal cord typically determines the type of paralysis an accident victim may experience. Paraplegia, for example, occurs as a result of injury to the lower portion of the spine. This type of paralysis affects the victim’s lower body, including their waist and legs, with little to no impact on upper body functions.

Quadriplegia, on the other hand, may occur if the injury is higher up the spine. In this case, the injured individual may be unable to move any of their limbs or their waist, and in some instances the neck and head may be paralyzed as well.

Qualifying for Damages

Paralysis victims may be eligible for substantial monetary compensation for any ensuing damages and losses if their injury was a result of another person or entity’s negligence. Some common examples of such injuries include a distracted driver causing a motor vehicle accident, a fall due to a premises owner’s lack of safety measures, and mistakes by a doctor or healthcare professional.

Determining Fault in Paralyzation Cases

One of the most important steps in filing a paralysis injury claim is ascertaining responsibility for the injury. For instance, in an automobile accident, it might be possible to assign responsibility to several different entities, like the car manufacturer or another motorist. A New Bern paralysis injury lawyer could offer legal expertise and assistance to determine who is at fault in an individual scenario.

In New Bern, an injured accident victim could be compensated for losses and injuries like medical costs, diminished quality of life, suffering and pain, and loss of wages. Furthermore, as per North Carolina law, the victim of a paralyzing accident might be eligible to claim workers’ compensation in addition to benefits associated with social security disability if the accident that injured them occurred while they were at work.

Possible Compensation in New Bern Paralysis Injury Cases

Due to the catastrophic nature of paralysis injuries and the potentially extreme disruptions they may cause to the victim’s quality of life, there are no limits on the amount a plaintiff in New Bern can obtain in a paralysis injury suit.

However, the state of North Carolina adheres to the contributory negligence rule of liability. Therefore, a plaintiff may not collect damages if the court determines the victim had even a minor role in causing their own accident or worsening the injuries that resulted.

Importance of Hiring a New Bern Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you are paralyzed by an accident you did not cause, it could be vital to engage the services of an attorney who fully comprehends the nature of your injury and has dealt with such cases before. Paralytic injuries are often eligible for high compensation for suffering and pain, medical costs, loss of wages, nursing care, and other related damages.

In the aftermath of such an injury, do not sign any paperwork with any insurance company until you have spoken to legal counsel. Contact a dependable New Bern paralysis injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your case is in the best possible hands.