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When a person is unable to provide for themselves, whether due to a mental or physical disability, an accident that results in a debilitating injury, or retirement, there are programs put in place and administered through the Social Security Administration to provide financial support.

However, getting those benefits can sometimes be frustrating and time-consuming. Even when a person meets the eligibility requirements and submits the application for a financial support program, that does not guarantee approval.

If you are seeking Social Security benefits, working with a New Bern Social Security lawyer may increase the chances that your application is approved when the first eligibility determination is made. It could be beneficial to have a distinguished personal injury attorney who can try to fight for your interests if the initial eligibility decision must be appealed.

What is Supplemental Security Income?

The Social Security Administration is the source for multiple types of benefits, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is one type of benefit that it administers. SSI beneficiaries have nominal—if any—income, and are elderly, blind, or otherwise disabled.

Single SSI recipients receive a maximum of $735 monthly in SSI benefits and couples receive a maximum of $1,103, although this amount is scheduled to increase by two percent in 2018. Additionally, SSI enrollees are automatically enrolled in Medicaid, which provides for most of the enrollee’s medical needs.

Defining Social Security Disability Compensation

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is another type of income that individuals can apply for with the Social Security Administration. SSDI provides financial assistance to people who are temporarily or permanently disabled and under the age of 65.

To be eligible, the applicant must be unable to perform the work that they previously performed and must be unable to adjust to other work, and their condition must be expected to continue for at least a year or cause death.

Pursuing a Social Security Claim

When applying for a Social Security Administration benefit, each applicant must establish that they are technically and financially eligible. Technical eligibility means that the applicant is disabled and/or unable to work if required, along with any other relevant non-financial requirements. Once that hurdle is overcome, an applicant must meet the income restrictions of eligibility.

Applicants must submit an application free of errors when applying for benefits. All documentation that is required or requested to process the application must be submitted by the deadline that the Social Security Administration provides.

Importance of Meeting SSDI Deadlines

The deadlines for applicants to provide documentation are not generous, and failing to meet them will result in the application being denied. Although every denied application can be appealed, the appeals process can be overwhelming, requires an understanding of the legal system, and is not a quick process.

As a New Bern Social Security lawyer knows, applicants should make every effort to ensure that the first application they submit includes all necessary information and meets all requirements for processing so that it can be approved. If an application does need to be appealed, it is often important for the applicant to work with a skilled Social Security attorney in New Bern to ensure their rights and interests are preserved throughout the appeals process.

If you are submitting an application for Social Security benefits or your submitted application has been denied, contact a skilled New Bern Social Security lawyer to ensure that you have the necessary tools to get your application approved.