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Cranes are used daily for construction work, window cleaning, painting, and in situations that allow workers to work at higher elevations. In many ways, the equipment is part of our everyday life. However, since cranes are large, hazardous structures, they also carry the potential to cause serious injury and even death.

If you are a worker who has suffered a crane injury while on the job, a New Bern crane injury lawyer is available to assist you. Work with a qualified workers’ compensation attorney that could advocate for you.

Causes and Effects of Crane Accidents

Construction sites are often inherently dangerous, and injuries and fatalities can occur on these sites for numerous reasons. When cranes are used on construction sites, the danger of injury increases dramatically, and accidents may become more frequent.

Crane booms can collapse or tip over, workers may fall or be electrocuted, or the crane may collide with other equipment due to operator error or inadequate training. The injuries that result from crane accidents are often catastrophic, ranging from broken bones, torn ligaments, and concussions to spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and crushing injuries.

Because of the serious risks cranes present, there are strict regulations governing their use and maintenance. In the event of an accident, a crane accident attorney in New Bern may be able to cite violations of these regulations as grounds for a lawsuit.

Regulation and Prevention of Crane Accidents

Cranes are regulated by both the federal and state governments. OSHA regulations require crane operators to be properly trained and licensed before they can operate a crane. These regulations also require safe work sites, secure ground underneath cranes, safe distance from power lines, and proper maintenance of crane equipment.

Everyone at a construction site—employers, supervisors, contractors, subcontractors, and workers—must comply with federal and state regulations.  Failure to follow these regulations creates liability on the part of whoever failed to adhere to these rules.

Determining liability can be complicated in crane cases. Input from engineers, medical experts, equipment designers, and witnesses to the injury may be required to properly assess who is at fault.  An experienced New Bern crane injury attorney could develop a complete litigation strategy that names and identifies all parties who are responsible for an injury.

Managing Medical Costs and Personal Finances

When someone suffers a serious crane injury, they may need to take time off work to recover. This recovery period may be short, or it may be a lifelong struggle to address a permanent disability.

Regardless of the amount of recovery time, a person injured in a crane accident may be concerned about their ability to manage their finances, particularly if they have steep medical bills to cover and lost wages from not being able to work.

Most workers will be entitled to worker’s compensation, but it may not fully cover the costs associated with an injury. Seasoned New Bern crane injury lawyers are aware of the stress these damages can put on the family and could provide guidance on options for seeking compensation from the liable parties, including restitution for lost wages and lost future earning potential.

Calling a New Bern Crane Injury Attorney

Enlist a New Bern crane injury lawyer to manage your complex construction lawsuit by coordinating benefits, negotiating settlements, and investigating all sources of potential liability on your behalf. Call today to schedule a consultation. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney could pursue a positive outcome for you.