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Fatalities resulting from small plane and commercial airliner crashes have increased over the past year. Many airplane crashes result in wrongful deaths, and even miraculous landings can cause physical and emotional injuries that may entitle you to financial compensation.

If an airplane crash was caused by the negligence of another person, you may be entitled to compensation. For help with pursuing civil litigation, schedule a consultation with a dedicated attorney. A Raleigh airplane accident lawyer could review the circumstances of your accident and help you determine which approach would be best for your case.

Top Causes of Commercial Airplane Accidents

Large commercial airline crashes often make international news when an outside force, such as a missile or bird strike, causes catastrophic mechanical failures. However, most commercial aircraft accidents and injuries result from human error. Damages might be available for claimants injured during commercial flights due to:

  • Mechanical and manufacturing defects
  • Pilot and navigator errors
  • Air traffic controller mistakes
  • Flying in severe weather
  • Negligent runway maintenance
  • Poor aircraft upkeep
  • Bird strikes

Pilot and air traffic control errors in combination with other factors, such as poor weather or mechanical defects, often result in passenger injuries. A qualified attorney can help discover the cause of an airplane accident in Raleigh to determine if negligent or reckless conduct contributed to the crash.

Dangers Associated with Private & Small Aircrafts in Raleigh

Commercial pilots train for years, and multiple pilots fly 747-type aircraft equipped with advanced safety features and fail-safe technology. Cessna and small twin-engine jets do not have the same fail-safe mechanisms as large airliners. It also takes substantially less training to obtain a small aircraft license.

Lack of pilot experience and component failures causes most small plane crashes. Private pilots also have more independence and less oversight, which may lead to risk-taking during poor weather or negligent flight patterns. Aviation legal professionals know that small aircraft crashes cause more fatalities and injuries than commercial airplane accidents in Raleigh. Casualties of private plane accidents may be entitled to compensation for personal injuries due to pilot negligence or for product defects.

Parties Potentially Liable for Raleigh Aviation Accidents

Aviation technology advances each year, and planes seldom crash absent human error. This error may have been in the aircraft design or due to air traffic controller fatigue. The following parties may be liable for personal injuries and wrongful deaths caused by plane crashes:

  • The aircraft manufacture, i.e., Boeing, Airbus, or Bombardier
  • A corporate component designer, i.e., Rolls-Royce aerospace engineering
  • The aircraft owner/commercial airline
  • The airport responsible for runway maintenance
  • Local air traffic controllers
  • The pilot
  • Contractors accountable for safety inspections and plane maintenance

Mistakes are not the sole cause of airplane accidents, but many aircraft fatalities are preventable. After tracing the origin of airplane accidents in Raleigh, lawyers often recommend filing claims based on products liability or negligence against potentially responsible parties.

Speak with a Qualified Airplane Accident Attorney in Raleigh

Flight is a modern marvel, but an inherently dangerous one. Commercial airlines, pilots, aircraft manufacturers, airports, and air traffic controllers hold lives in their hands, and they owe passengers the utmost duty of care.

If you were injured or a loved one killed in a plane crash, call an experienced Raleigh airplane accident lawyer to discuss your claims today. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses from insurers, settlement funds, or in a court of law.