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Whether they involve a large commercial plane or a small aircraft for personal travel, airplane crashes often are devastating for all parties involved. The victims of these disastrous accidents might have claims if these crashes resulted from the negligence of others, including airport and air traffic control errors in Raleigh. As a result, contacting legal counsel for advice in this situation may be advantageous for plane crash victims and their family members.

Even seemingly minor mistakes can result in catastrophe for the occupants of planes. In severe plane crashes, survival is likely impossible, resulting in an array of significant losses for surviving family members. Consulting an experienced attorney can be vital to a successful legal claim following an aviation accident.

Air Traffic Control Duties and Responsibilities

Although some air traffic control functions have improved due to technology advances, air traffic controller errors have increased. Air traffic control includes:

  • Airport traffic control
  • Air route traffic controllers
  • Flight service stations
  • Terminal radar approach control

Smaller airports have a single air traffic controller to guide air traffic in and out of the airfields. Larger airports have separate controllers to address each of these four areas of air traffic control. The obligations of each air traffic controller to safely guide planes depend on their job responsibilities at specific airfields.

Passengers of planes rely on their pilots to safely transport them from one location to another. In turn, pilots rely on air traffic controllers at airports to recognize and execute their assigned duties for the safety of passengers for most of their flights. As a result, air traffic control and airport errors in Raleigh can lead to major accidents that cause significant injuries to airplane occupants.

Common Air Traffic Control and Airport Errors in Raleigh

Air traffic controllers must follow various regulations that govern air traffic. When air traffic controllers fail to comply with these regulations, they may commit errors that injure others. Some examples of these errors may include:

  • Allowing too many planes in the same area or on the same runaway at the same time
  • Permitting pilots to enter occupied airspace
  • Advising pilots to take off in dangerous conditions
  • Failing to clearly and correctly communicate with pilots about flight patterns, altitude, and other flight details

These errors can result in significant accidents that harm potentially large numbers of people. Air traffic controllers and airports who employ them can face liability when Raleigh air traffic control and airport errors occur. Getting legal advice about the viability of any legal claims, whether involving air traffic control, airports, or other parties can be crucial to a successful claim.

Investigating Aviation Law Claims

Enlisting the help of an experienced aviation law attorney, victims of airplane crashes may be in a better position to file and pursue any of their available claims. Due to the complexity of these claims, a substantial investigation into the crash may be necessary, which often requires the intervention of aviation experts. In many cases, government agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may conduct their investigations as well.

Determining fault in these cases is paramount to a favorable claim for victims of these airplane accidents. These crashes may occur for various reasons and due to the errors of different parties, so individuals are likely to need these investigative efforts as valuable support of their claims. Among the subjects in these investigations are air traffic control recordings and records, pilot and flight crew records and recordings, and existing policies and procedures.

Contact a Lawyer for Raleigh Airport and Air Traffic Control Errors

If you or a family member has sustained any injuries resulting from an airplane accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Legal advice about airport and air traffic control errors in Raleigh that have affected you can be essential in establishing causation in these cases to support legal claims.

While you are focusing on the impact of the crash on your life, you deserve to get help for any compensation to which you are entitled. Working with legal counsel is likely to be the most effective means of successfully pursuing this form of relief.