The business world is a competitive place, and it is not surprising that disputes can arise that affect the finances and legal rights of all involved parties. These can affect not just the interactions between companies and customers, but also those between business partners or shareholders.

Many of these disagreements involve the rights or obligations of parties under contracts. Here, the disputing parties have the right to ask a court to determine their rights under the language of the contract. However, it is also possible to come to a settlement after negotiations or mediation.

A Raleigh business disputes lawyer could help individuals and companies who are engaged in a business disagreement with another party. An experienced attorney could work to identify a party’s rights under the law and their contracts. With this knowledge, they can push for a fair resolution to the dispute.

Disputes Between Rival Companies or Customers

Most disputes in the business world involve companies that have disagreements with other companies or customers. These can arise out of concerns whether a party has fulfilled its obligations under a contract or whether one party has provided proper payment.

In these situations, a Raleigh business disputes attorney could provide essential guidance. They can work to identify the cause of the disagreement and to analyze the language of a contract to pinpoint the obligations of each party. If an attorney determines that a breach has occurred, they can take the lead in negotiations to remedy the breach or to file a complaint in court that asks that court to enforce the terms of the agreement. Parties who believe that a breach in contract has occurred must act quickly. North Carolina General Statute §1-52 gives them only three years from the date of breach to demand enforcement in court.

Internal Business Disagreements

Not every example of a business dispute involves disagreements between companies and customers. In fact, it is not unusual for co-owners of a company or shareholders to allege that other members of the business have violated their duties.

Much like in disputes between separate companies, many of these cases revolve around contracts. Here, the partnership agreement, articles of incorporation, or shareholder agreements can play a major role in determining the rights and obligations of all parties. A business disputes attorney in Raleigh could help to interpret these documents.

In other cases, the State’s laws regarding the duties of company officers will apply. For example, all members of a partnership have a fiduciary duty towards each other and the partnership as a whole. An attorney could help to pursue claims that allege breaches of these duties. A successful case could result in the payment of penalties, the reimbursement of misappropriated funds, or even the forced dissolution of the business entity. A Raleigh business disputes attorney could help members of a company to identify their rights within the business and to hold other members responsible for their obligations under the law.

Let a Raleigh Business Disputes Lawyer Take the Lead

With the amount of money changing hands, it is no wonder that disputes are so common in Raleigh’s business world. These can include arguments between rival companies as well as disagreements within a company’s own leadership structure.

In both examples, the language of a contract is key. This contract is the sole way of determining the rights and obligations of all parties. Additionally, a court will look solely to the language of this agreement to decide whether a breach has occurred and to which remedy you are entitled.

A lawyer stands ready to help you. They can take the necessary steps to identify the language of a contract, to determine whether a breach has occurred, and to fight for your rights both in and out of court. Contact a Raleigh business disputes lawyer today to learn more.