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A hit and run accident is when someone is injured, either as a pedestrian or driving in another vehicle by a car that leaves the scene without waiting for law enforcement, which is a national criminal act because the individual is trying to get out of responsibility. Oftentimes, the police officers are able to determine where the other car is by investigating license plates and may ultimately capture the person who committed the hit and run. If not, that claim can be processed under an uninsured motorist claim.

The injuries that result from a hit and run accident in Raleigh can have many negative impacts on a person’s life, which is why it is so important to contact a Raleigh car accident lawyer as soon as possible. A Raleigh hit and run accident lawyer, in particular, can use their experience in similar cases and in the Raleigh area in order to build a strong representation for the injured person and to fight for the compensation they deserve.

Details of an Accident

There are hit and run accidents in a variety of scenarios in Raleigh, both night and day. Often, they occur at night and are may be related to drunk driving where the individual hits someone and leaves the scene to avoid criminal prosecution.

Sometimes when there is a hit and run, the person did not have the authority to be driving the car. The insurance company could deny coverage based on non-permissive use. If the car was stolen or the car was not authorized to be driven by the individual who caused the hit and run, there may not be insurance coverage. Also, there could be different types of the coverage applied in a hit and run accident such as uninsured motorist coverage if the car that caused the hit and run is never located.

After an Injury

When a person is the victim of a hit and run accident and they are injured, the first step is to cooperate with law enforcement as that may help locate the individual who caused the accident. The second step would is to seek immediate medical attention if the person is hurt and document that they were involved in a car accident. The third important step is to contact a Raleigh hit and run accident attorney to discuss their rights and make sure that they are protected throughout the claim.


There may or may not be an opportunity for punitive damages in hit and run cases, although it is not very often that a criminal act of hit and run allows a person to recover punitive damages. It might increase the amount of pain and suffering damages, but probably not punitive damages, which usually only result from a DUI.

Damages recovered, though, include medical expenses, economic loss, and non-economic loss, which is also called pain and suffering damages. These same three damages that are recovered in a normal accident are also recoverable in a hit and run. They may, however, come from a different insurance source.

Contacting an Attorney

A person should contact a Raleigh hit and run accident lawyer immediately because there are different coverage issues that may apply. An attorney can advise an individual about that before making any statements to the insurance company.

The nature of the insurance coverage can be very complicated, which makes an attorney’s role in a hit and run accident very important. There may not be any coverage or there may be different kinds of coverage that apply and it is not very straight forward, but an attorney can investigate all possible insurance coverages.

Ultimately, a Raleigh hit and run accident lawyer can help the process after the accident move much more easily, allowing the injured person the time and energy to focus on recovery.