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After contacting the police and ensuring your own personal safety, the next order of business following a serious car accident is usually getting in touch with your insurance company. Unfortunately, if you or the person responsible for your wreck have car insurance coverage through AllState, you may have a difficult time getting your insurance claim accepted and recovering the compensation you deserve.

Dealing with AllState after an accident in Raleigh could be much easier with help from a qualified attorney. Beyond just helping you structure your initial claim, seasoned legal counsel could also serve as your representative during negotiations with insurance agents and advocate tirelessly for a resolution that serves your best interests.

How AllState Calculates the Value of a Claim

Alongside other insurance companies like USAA and Aetna, AllState uses a computer program called Colossus to estimate how much individual insurance claims in Raleigh are worth. In a nutshell, this program works by feeding various factors pulled from medical records and other information from insurance adjusters into a set formula, and then uses that formula to assign a value to a car accident victim’s injuries based on their purported severity.

However, this program was initially designed only to analyze soft-tissue injuries, which means it is unable to fully process the effect that a severe or catastrophic car wreck can have on parties involved. As a result, this program is infamous for producing insufficient valuations for injuries, resulting in car accident victims being offered only small sums for their pain and suffering.

No matter the specific circumstances, it is impossible for a computer program to effectively determine the value of an insurance claim based on a rote formula, and claimants should be extremely cautious about accepting any settlement offer based on such a program’s analysis. Assistance from a seasoned attorney can be crucial to determining where AllState is getting its estimates from and ensuring settlement offers reflect a case’s full and fair value.

AllState’s Reputation for Lowballing Claimants

Unfortunately, even aside from the role that soulless mathematical formulae can play in the claims process, AllState has a less than sterling reputation when it comes to their interactions with car accident victims in Raleigh. In fact, an American Association for Justice (AAJ) study pinpointed AllState as providing the worst outcomes for claimants by far compared to other insurance companies in the United States.

Driven by a philosophy of “deny, delay, and defend,” AllState adjusters are directed by supervisors to do whatever they can to reject claims, sometimes even to the point of outright lying to claimants about what their coverage should provide. When dealing with a company this familiar with underhanded tactics, it pays in more ways than one to have help from a lawyer who knows the kinds of tricks AllState pulls and could work to counteract them at every turn.

A Skilled Raleigh Attorney Could Help with an AllState Accident Claim

Interacting with insurance adjusters is hardly ever a pleasant experience, but it can often be especially frustrating if the agent on the other end of the phone works for a company like AllState. Fortunately, you have help available to you from skilled legal professionals who know how to handle bad-faith insurance negotiations and help claimants come out on top.

Dealing with AllState after an accident in Raleigh is not something you should try to do alone. Instead, get in touch with a qualified car accident lawyer to discuss your options and learn more about how they could help in your unique circumstances.