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In the immediate aftermath of a serious car wreck, embroiling yourself in a prolonged negotiation over insurance coverage is probably the last thing you want to do. Unfortunately, contesting insurance adjusters and seeking more in compensation than their initial offer is often necessary if you want to recover comprehensively for the impact a severe accident can have on you.

No matter what company you need to file a claim with, retaining a skilled car accident lawyer could put you on even footing with adjusters who are trained to deny claims and save their employers money. When dealing with Geico after an accident in Raleigh, though, you should prioritize seeking help from a legal representative who understands how this company operates and what the best ways to pursue payouts from them are.

The Geico Claim-Filing Process

After summoning police to the scene and ensuring the immediate safety of everyone involved, the first step to filing an insurance claim with Geico after a Raleigh car accident is getting in touch with a claims representative by phone or by filing a claim online. Geico will follow up on a claim by sending a claims adjuster out to inspect the claimant’s vehicle and compile an estimate for how much repairs will cost.

This process can sometimes be done in under an hour, but it usually takes a while if the claimant also suffered injuries or if the parties involved disagree on who was at fault. Regardless, once the claims adjuster has finished their appraisal, Geico policies state that claimants should receive a check within 48 hours, but this will only occur if Geico accepts the claim—which, as anyone who has dealt with Geico before can usually affirm, is far from a guarantee.

Be Careful About Accepting Initial Settlement Offers

Even if a claimant in Raleigh actually receives a check from Geico following an accident claim, they should always think twice before immediately cashing it. Every insurance company makes money by collecting as much as possible in premiums while paying out as little as possible in claims, so whenever a claimant receives an initial settlement offer like this, the offer will almost always not be nearly enough to cover all their losses.

Geico in particular is known for aggressively denying claims and offering paltry sums as initial settlements, thanks in no small part to Geico proudly offering lower insurance coverage rates than many of their competitors. Whether a settlement offer from Geico is not sufficient to cover a claimant’s damages or no settlement is offered at all, anyone who wants to improve the amount of compensation they receive will need to file a lawsuit.

Pursuing litigation against Geico may ultimately result in a better settlement offer, but it also inevitably means dealing with Geico’s in-house legal team, and sometimes even external legal opposition if a case involves extremely severe injuries. Assistance from seasoned legal counsel is essential for any claimant who wants to go up against Geico in court and achieve a successful case outcome.

Consider Seeking Help Dealing with Geico from a Raleigh Attorney

Geico may tout itself as an affordable insurance option for Raleigh residents, but affordability often comes with a steep price if you ever end up needing to file a claim. Considering the company’s well-established reputation for fighting claims any way they can, you should strongly consider enlisting professional legal help before engaging with their adjusters to any significant degree—let alone their lawyers.

A seasoned attorney could be a steadfast and crucial ally any time you find yourself dealing with Geico after an accident in Raleigh. To schedule a consultation and find out how qualified legal counsel could help you, call today.