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If you are dealing with USAA after an accident in Raleigh, you may already be facing some possible hurdles to resolving your claim. You need to talk with a car accident attorney if you sustained damages in a recent crash. An attorney could explore what insurance coverages may be available for your claim. A lawyer could protect your rights and work to secure a positive conclusion to your case. To learn more about the benefits of retaining an attorney, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation today.

Common Challenges that May Arise in a USAA Claim

More often than not, dealing with USAA after a collision in the local region is not without its challenges. There are various common strategies that an insurance adjuster may use to try to get the claimant to accept a reduced offer of damages or avoid paying out on a claim. Sometimes, the adjuster may try to drag out a claim as long as possible in hopes that the individual will simply settle the case.

It is relatively common for an adjuster to request a recorded statement from the claimant. During a recorded statement, the adjuster would ask the claimant questions about the accident and include the contents of their statement as part of their case investigation. However, a claimant may unwittingly say something that could harm their case or ask questions in such a way to place legal responsibility for the accident on the claimant.

It is important to never sign any document from the insurance company without talking to an attorney first. Whether the adjuster tries to prolong a claim unnecessarily, tries to get the claimant to admit blame for the crash, or uses other methods to diminish the claimant’s resolve, an attorney could fight fiercely on the claimant’s behalf for a fair outcome. A lawyer could request all forms of compensation available for the claimant’s injuries and damages.

Contacting USAA after a Motor Vehicle Collision

Even though the insurance adjuster may act cordial and eager to resolve the claim, this does not necessarily mean they are focused on settling the case to the claimant’s advantage. Once the claim is filed with USAA, the company will usually send out an adjuster to review the property damage to the claimant’s vehicle and determine whether to pay the fair value of the car or cover the cost of repairs.

A separate adjuster will usually perform the bodily injury portion of the case investigation. The bodily injury adjuster may decide to accept or deny the individual’s claim. If they do accept the claim, they may offer a small and speedy settlement to get the case off their hands as soon as possible.

Before signing any documentation, it is advisable to reach out to a local car accident attorney for help dealing with USAA. A lawyer could help the injured individual file their claim with USAA and manage the case from start to finish.

Consult with a Raleigh Attorney About Dealing with Your USAA Auto Accident Claim

If you were injured in an crash by a driver insured with USAA, you should not try to handle the claims process alone. An attorney could help if you are dealing with USAA after an accident in Raleigh and pursue the highest possible settlement for your damages. Book a phone appointment with a Raleigh attorney to receive a confidential consultation about your case.