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If you have suffered an injury in a Raleigh car accident, the stress of your injuries could be challenging enough. However, when an uninsured driver causes those injuries, you must face additional questions that could impact your recovery. Who will pay for your medical bills? What if you have to miss work? Thankfully, a seasoned car wreck attorney might be able to answer some of these questions for you.

You have options for recovering monetary damages even if the driver that hit you was uninsured. However, collecting those damages on your own could be difficult. To maximize your recovery, you might benefit from working with a Raleigh uninsured car accident lawyer.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Raleigh

Uninsured motorist coverage is a policy held by the injured driver. When the at-fault driver lacks insurance coverage, an injury victim’s uninsured motorist coverage can step in to cover their injuries. These policies can pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, and even property damage repair costs. However, some insurers will fight to avoid paying out on an uninsured motorist claim. In some cases, it can become necessary for an injury victim to file suit against their insurer to force them to pay for any necessary treatment under the policy.

Liability Insurance Requirements

The State of North Carolina mandates that vehicle owners maintain a minimum level of liability insurance coverage. In fact, the failure to adequately insure a vehicle could lead to criminal charges. The minimum amount of liability insurance coverage in North Carolina is:

  • $30,000 for injury claims per person
  • $60,000 for the total damages resulting from a single collision
  • $25,000 for property damages stemming from the crash

Despite these requirements, drivers frequently operate vehicles in Raleigh with insufficient insurance or no coverage at all. When this happens, a Raleigh uninsured car accident attorney could work with an injury victim to determine the next steps in the process of recovering compensation. One option is an uninsured motorist insurance claim.

Potential Sources of Compensation in an Uninsured Accident Lawsuit

The lack of insurance coverage does not mean a plaintiff is simply out of luck. There are a number of ways to recover compensation other than from settling with an insurance company. Some common sources in an uninsured car accident include:

  • Negligent drivers
  • Employers
  • Injured driver’s insurance

Negligent Drivers

The lack of an insurance policy does not absolve a negligent driver of their responsibility in a car crash. In some cases, an uninsured driver would have employment or some other asset that could be used to satisfy a judgment. An uninsured car accident lawyer in Raleigh could pursue the negligent driver regardless of their insurance status.


A plaintiff could seek compensation from the driver’s employer if they were operating in the scope of their employment, or if the employer’s negligence caused it. While most commercial entities have insurance coverage, a plaintiff could pursue damages directly from an employer that lacked insurance coverage.

Injured Driver’s Insurance

When the responsible party is uninsured, one of the best ways for an injury victim to recover compensation is to file an uninsured motorist claim with their own insurance. These policies are intended to compensate a driver unlucky enough to collide with an uninsured driver.

Reach out to a Raleigh Uninsured Car Accident Attorney

Not sure how to proceed with your uninsured driver accident claim? You have options. To learn more about the potential for recovering damages in your case, contact a Raleigh uninsured car accident lawyer as soon as possible. At your initial consultation with a practiced injury attorney, you would be presented with the opportunity to learn about the process and ask any questions regarding your claim. Call immediately to schedule your initial consultation.