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Whatever your car was doing at the time of the accident may be covered under the vehicle maneuver/action crash report – section 49. This section typically describes whether the car was turning, stopped, passing, etc. at the time of the accident. If you have questions about this section and how it affects liability, ask a lawyer. A knowledgeable car collision attorney could assist you following an automobile crash.

(49) Vehicle Maneuver/Action

This section describes what the vehicle was doing at the time of the crash. Potential options could be:

  1. Stopped in the travel lane
  2. Parked out of travel lanes
  3. Parked in travel lanes
  4. Going straight ahead
  5. Changing lanes or merging
  6. Passing
  7. Making right turn
  8. Making left turn
  9. Making a u-turn
  10. Backing
  11. Slowing or stopping
  12. Starting in roadway
  13. Parking
  14. Leaving parked position
  15. Avoiding objects in the road
  16. Other*

An attorney could help someone understand Section 49 of the Vehicle Maneuver/Action Crash Report, and may be able to explain an individual’s options.

Establishing Negligence

When a plaintiff seeks compensation for damages in an auto accident in North Carolina, they typically need to prove that the negligence of the motorist they are seeking compensation from resulted in the accident. This could be established by proving that the motorist breached their duty to the plaintiff which is considered a violation of the rules of the road mentioned above.

Accidents may occur due to illegal driving maneuvers. If an auto accident took place due to an illegal driving maneuver that resulted in a citation, the plaintiff might be able to utilize a legal rule known as ‘negligence per se’ to prove the right to accident compensation.

Even without negligence per se, this section could help either prove or disprove fault. If an accident occurred because a driver drifted into another lane, they may be considered negligent. If this section says they were swerving to avoid an object in the road, that may change liability.

Compensation Available in Raleigh

The extent of a person’s injuries and their liability may determine the compensation they are eligible for in a car accident case in Raleigh. If they are not the at-fault party, a person could seek damages to cover their medical expenses and loss of income.

Emotional distress and pain and suffering are some other losses that a person may be able to seek compensation for. Wrongful death damages could be sought by the family in case of fatal car crashes.

Compensation may be recovered by negotiations with the insurer or in a court of law. While handling matters related to insurance companies may be extremely stressful, an automobile crash lawyer could be helpful in successfully reaching a fair settlement. Attorneys might also be able to help plaintiffs file Section 49 of the Vehicle Maneuver/Action Crash Report.

An Attorney Could Explain Vehicle Maneuver/Action Crash Report – Section 49

If you were injured in an automobile crash, you may be able to recover damages. Survivors of a crash could typically pursue a personal injury claim and those who have lost a loved one can file a wrongful death claim. In both of these cases, the onus to prove negligence may lie with the plaintiff.

With the help of an accomplished lawyer, you evaluate the vehicle maneuver/action crash report – section 49 to ascertain whether the accident was caused by an illegal driving maneuver. If this was the case, you might be eligible for compensation.