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Working in the construction industry can be a very dangerous occupation, as you are continually being exposed to extreme heights, heavy machinery, chemicals, sharp tools, and so much more. The injuries that can occur to your body are endless ranging from broken bones, to skull fractures and brain damage, to possible death.

What most people don’t consider; however, is the fact that construction site injuries don’t just have to be something that will send you to the hospital after a specific accident; they can also be accrued over time. Hearing loss is one of those injuries that are commonly caused to those who are daily exposed to loud noises on the construction site, and in some cases after an explosion.

Employer Responsibility

Many workers may not realize the importance of protecting their ears when on the work site, which is why it is the responsibility of the employers and site managers to make sure that their workers are well educated on all aspects of safety when working.

An employer needs to provide their people with the proper protection when near loud machinery on the construction site to prevent future loss of hearing. Equipment such as jackhammers, drills and other times that produce a high decibel type noise can bring on the loss of hearing in a short matter of time if there is no protection for the worker.

OSHA Standards for Noise Levels

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration hold specific standards for work places that discuss what type of protection is needed for certain noise levels and equipment, and therefore it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure these measures are taken and that each of the w In some circumstances even ear plugs are sufficient, in others noise reduction ear muffs may be needed and so forth.

Unfortunately employer negligence is often the cause for injuries on construction sites as they seek to overwork, and under-train many employees in order to save money rather than protecting lives.

Hearing Loss Injuries

In the event you are experiencing pain in your ears or any type of habitual ringing, you may be slowly losing your hearing. Also, if you notice yourself having to talk louder in order to properly communicate with another or having those repeats themselves in order for you to comprehend what they are saying, this too may be a sign of hearing loss. In the event that you experience any temporary loss of hearing, visit your doctor immediately to address the situation.

Next, contact an experienced loss of hearing lawyer at the Whitley Law Firm today in order to discuss the possibility of holding your employer responsible for your pain and suffering; and ultimately the loss of enjoyment of life.