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The Occupational Safety and Health Act was established in 1970 by the Department of Labor in order to help enforce the health and safety of those who are in the workforce. Whether you are an office worker or you are on the railways, under OSHA, it is required that all employers maintain a certain level of standards in order to be deemed as a safe environment for the employees.

Specifically for those who are working in the construction industry, safety is that much more important in you line of work, because daily you are placing your life at risk in order to accomplish the task you have been assigned.

Construction Risks

Employees have a host of rights which are laid out clearly under the OSHA regulations. These rights include that the employee should be able to have access to any medical or exposure records that are relevant by other employees. It is also their right to have access to the rules and regulations of the job site that are distributed by the employer which should be hung all around the workplace.

Next, in the event that a worker sees a hazard on the work site, they are given the freedom to report their concerns to OSHA. By doing so, they will be requesting an inspector to come onto the worksite and conduct a test for the concerns listed, they may also seek to have their names kept hidden from the knowledge of their employer regarding the report. In the event the employer does learn about this event, it is the right of the employee to not receive any forms of discrimination from their employer regarding the matter.

OSHA Standards

Employers on the other hand are held to a number of standards by OSHA and primarily it means that the employer must provide a safety and healthy environment for their employees as well as one that is free from recognized standards, or anything else that can otherwise be considered “preventable.” It is required that all employers discuss the health and safety standards that are required of them by OSHA with their employees, so that they are well aware of their own rights in the matter. Employers are called to hang an OSHA sign in their workplace that describes the rights of the employees under OSHA.

Not only that, but employers are also required to thoroughly train all of their employees in order to make sure that they’re well prepared before going out on the job. Whether this means material safety, hazard training, simple employee training, etc. the employers are required to make sure that their workers are well equipped for what lies ahead on the job.

In the event that an OSHA inspector comes to the workplace in order to look into concern that was reported, they will then ask the employer to fix the specific problem. In the event that the company fails to do so, OSHA will likely penalize them for non-compliance regarding the safety of their workplace and their employees. All workers, no matter the danger levels of the job they perform, have a right to be in a safe work place environment. A large responsibility for this to be accomplished rests on the shoulders of the employers, and when this does not occur, workers suffer injuries and in some cases death as a result.

If You Have Been Injured

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