Modern medicine has made great strides in the diagnosis and treatment of people with HIV since the discovery of the disease in 1981. While there is still no cure for HIV, doctors can manage many of the symptoms by prescribing antiretroviral drugs. One major manufacturer of these antiretroviral drugs is Gilead Sciences, which touted their drug regimen—known as Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF)—as being able to prevent the replication of the virus after infection.

Unfortunately, recent scientific studies have indicated that TDF treatment can cause many undisclosed side effects, including kidney disease and a loss of bone density. Gilead Sciences may have been complicit in not disclosing these side effects and keeping TDF products on the market despite the availability of safer alternatives.

A Raleigh HIV drugs lawyer could help you if you have suffered a non-disclosed side effect after taking one of Gilead Sciences’ HIV medications. With a qualified attorney’s assistance, you could pursue a claim through a mass tort or a class action lawsuit that demands compensation for your injuries.

The Obligations of Drug Makers to Produce a Safe Product

The makers of prescription medications—especially those meant for treating HIV—have a duty to produce a product that performs as intended. It follows that these manufacturers must submit their chemical formulas and internal testing results to the FDA for approval.

These test results must disclose all known side effects and any potential harm that may come from a consumer taking their drug as intended. Even so, this does not prevent many drug makers from submitting incomplete information to the FDA or not performing all required tests.

A failure by a drug maker to live up to these aforementioned standards may open them to civil liability under North Carolina Statutes §99B-5 if a consumer is harmed as a result. A Raleigh HIV drugs attorney could help pursue a claim for damages based on a failure by Gilead Sciences to provide fair warning of the side effects associated with taking their HIV medications.

Known Hazards Resulting from Taking Gilead Sciences’ Products

The main product Gilead Sciences developed for treating HIV goes by the chemical name Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate, or TDF. The published data on TDF use indicated potential side effects of dizziness, nausea, or diarrhea. As early as 2001, however, many patients also reported a lower bone density and kidney problems after taking TDF.

Indeed, many people now believe that Gilead Sciences intentionally withheld vital information concerning the side-effects involved with taking TDF. Additionally, Gilead failed to push a safer alternative known as TAF into the market until their patent on TDF expired.

California judges recently refused to dismiss a class-action lawsuit brought by users of TDF alleging that Gilead intentionally withheld information concerning the risks of taking TDF, and similar cases are also underway in Louisiana and Washington, DC. A qualified HIV drugs lawyer could help people in Raleigh evaluate their best legal options, whether that entails joining an existing class action or mass tort suit. Reach out to a seasoned attorney for help with filing a claim.

A Raleigh HIV Drugs Attorney Could Help Anyone Harmed by TDF Antiretroviral Drugs

For decades, doctors prescribed TDF antiretroviral drugs as part of a medication regimen to control HIV and significantly lower the rate at which the diseases progresses to AIDS. However, doctors and patients did not realize that TDF can cause severe kidney damage and loss of bone density.

The maker of TDF, Gilead Sciences, may have intentionally withheld knowledge about these dangerous side effects for the sake of profit. State laws hold that drug makers who fail to provide proper information concerning the side effects of their products may be held liable for any resulting damage.

If you have endured negative health effects related to your taking Gilead Science’s HIV drugs, a Raleigh HIV drugs lawyer could work to make the connection between these drugs and your condition, gather evidence of Gilead’s failures, and press for your rights in court. These cases can involve class actions where you can join an already establish lawsuit or may require a new suit in a Raleigh court. Call today to learn more about what may be possible in your situation.

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