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Recently, there as been an alarming uptick in the number of patients being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a condition which can prove extremely dangerous if allowed to go unchecked.

As a result, researchers across the globe have dedicated themselves to identifying innovative treatment options, ultimately unveiling a new class of drugs commonly known as SLGT2 inhibitors. Introduced with great excitement, it was thought that these medications represented a massive improvement on existing treatments, with Johnson & Johnson’s Invokana and others gaining particularly positive attention.

Unfortunately, since their emergence, these treatments have been the subject of a growing number of adverse event reports citing very serious, sometimes fatal complications including ketoacidosis, kidney damage, hypotension, stroke and additional cardiovascular side effects. If you are among those who have suffered harm after taking an SGLT2 inhibitor drug, a Raleigh Invokana lawyer is prepared to assist with your dangerous drug claim.

FDA Invokana Concerns

Concern about dangers posed by Invokana and similar drugs began to take shape not long after their approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Among the most serious issues raised include the possible link between these medications and patient development of a condition called ketoacidosis, which, as described by the Mayo Clinic, is marked by hazardously high accumulations of acid in the bloodstream.

In May of 2015, the FDA issued a safety communication alerting members of the public to this possible risk and recommended vigilance on the part of those taking the drugs who may need immediate medical assistance should ketoacidosis symptoms appear.

In addition to ketoacidosis, side effects reported by patients taking Invokana have included things such as acute kidney failure, stroke, coma, heart attack and death. Adding fuel to the fire surrounding Invokana and similar drugs was the FDA’s May 2016 safety communication alerting the public to the results of a clinical trial which found a rise in foot and leg amputations among patients treated with SGLT2 inhibitors. Due to the severity of such side effects, it is pertinent that any individual affected contact a Raleigh Invokana lawyer to begin crafting a claim.

Allegations Common to Invokana Lawsuits

The growth in adverse event reports and patient complaints regarding Invokana has led to an onslaught of lawsuit filings by individuals who have suffered serious injury as a result of taking the medication as prescribed. Plaintiffs across the country are alleging that Johnson & Johnson’s SGLT2 inhibitor was negligently produced and marketed without adequate clinical testing or post-market safety studies.

It is also being argued that the manufacturer misrepresented or concealed known risks of Invokana heart attack and Invokana acute kidney damage and also exaggerated the benefits of the drugs to the public and the medical community. In these instances, any individual who has been harmed using Invokana should be sure to contact an Invokana lawyer in Raleigh immediately.

Filing a Claim

The onslaught of litigation pertaining to Invokana and similar medications shows no sign of slowing, with a large enough number of suits currently pending to support a motion for consolidation into federal multidistrict litigation (MDL). In addition, roughly 100 lawsuits are the subject of a consolidation request in Pennsylvania state court.

Should a federal Invokana MDL be created, plaintiffs nationwide will likely benefit from the judicial efficiency, consistency of rulings and facilitation of settlement discussions such processes are designed to foster.

However, should global resolution of claims fail to materialize, claims will be returned to their district of origin for continued proceedings against the defendant manufacturer. Meanwhile, new claims of Invokana-related harm continue to be reviewed by attorneys, with additional complaints making their way into the courts with regularity. An experienced lawyer will best be able to mount a case based on an individual’s particular circumstances.

Choosing to File a Suit

Given the potentially life-altering and sometimes even deadly consequences allegedly caused by Invokana, the compensation which may be available to those affected can be quite substantial in nature. Thus, plaintiffs in an Invokana lawsuit may be able to secure payment for losses including:

  • Medical and hospitalization expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical suffering
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Loss of familial and marital relationships
  • Funeral costs

To move forward with such a case, it is pertinent that an individual contact an Invokana attorney in Raleigh immediately. A seasoned attorney can best assist in maximizing any damages you may be entitled to.

Benefits of an Attorney

Whenever an individual is suffering from an illness, patients everywhere have little choice but to place their faith in the physicians and drug makers charged with providing safe, effective treatments. When that trust is breached and severe harm occurs, the feeling of betrayal is palpable, and the right to pursue compensation is inviolable.

If you took an SGLT 2 inhibitor to address your type 2 diabetes and experienced serious side effects as a result, be sure to contact a Raleigh Invokana lawyer as soon as possible.

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