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A heart attack or stroke are among the most immediate and serious side effects of Invokana. A patient may have shortness of breath, pain, drooping muscles in the face, slurred words, or inability to speak. Kidney failure can cause fatigue, confusion, weakness, and muscle damage.

A body experiencing kidney failure is not processing toxins through the kidney, which can cause a life-threatening buildup. Ketoacidosis symptoms include nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, fatigue, deep and rapid breathing, dry skin and mouth, a flushed face, frequent urination, headache, and muscles stiffness or aches. If you have suffered from the listed side effects of using Invokana in Raleigh, contact a distinguished dangerous drugs attorney right away.

Negative Aftereffects People on Invokana have Suffered

In diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a condition that results from starvation or uncontrolled diabetes, toxic waste known as ketones build up in the bloodstream. It can result in a person going into a diabetic coma, or even passing away. A risk of kidney failure is one of the dangerous side effects of using Invokana in Raleigh. This occurs when the kidney stops functioning correctly or there is an injury to the kidneys. There is also a risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) and stroke.

Diagnosing Existing Side Effects

Doctors can administer blood tests and other types of imaging to diagnose a stroke or a heart attack. To diagnose kidney failure, a doctor can check the patient’s kidney function with blood screening to determine whether it has been impacted. In ketoacidosis, tests will reveal a high level of ketones in the body. It is important that patients know what the possible side effects associated with taking Invokana so that they can be on the lookout for them. They should also consider the risks of these side effects before taking Invokana.

A drug company or the FDA issues a recall if a studies reveal higher than normal incidences in the same patient population than other comparable medications. Whether a drug is recalled can also depend on the severity of the side effects and the risks they pose to patients. An itchy finger, or some other minor discomfort, is negligible compared to something as serious and life-threatening as diabetic ketoacidosis. Frequency, prevalence, likelihood, and severity of the injury are all factors that are considered in a cost/benefit analysis of whether a drug is worth keeping on the market.

Solid Invokana Claims

A person should consider speaking to an attorney about making a claim if they have taken Invokana and suffered kidney failure or ketoacidosis. The same is true if they took Invokana and suffered a heart attack or stroke within 30 days of taking the drug. A lawyer will work with the patient’s physician and other medical professionals to help determine whether these medical events occurred as a result of the side effects of Invokana and help the patient understand their rights for pursuing a claim.

What is the Impact of Increased Risks?

The increased risks associated with taking Invokana are diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke. Claims against drug manufacturers for side effect-related medical conditions are often called failure to warn claims. If side effects of using Invokana in Raleigh are fully disclosed and readily available for the patient to educate themselves about them, they may not have a claim against the manufacturer. In the case of Invokana, the results of clinical studies were not released until patients had already begun taking the drug, so people were exposed to these risks without being adequately warned about them.

Potential Treatment Options

A patient’s doctor may recommend a treatment plan for side effects of using Invokana in Raleigh. If the patient is in kidney failure, a doctor may recommend dialysis temporarily to jumpstart the kidneys. For a patient experiencing ketoacidosis, they may give the individual fluids and try and work out the acid build up in their body. Heart attack and stroke can be treated by a cardiovascular specialist.