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When a person undergoes testosterone therapy, they expect it to help them and have no unexpected side effects. Unfortunately, a drug company or distributor’s careless or reckless policies may lead to a medication having adverse side effects that were not advertised or illuminated. When this happens, an injured person may request compensation from the negligent parties for the damages they have caused.

If you were hurt as the result of an unexpected side effect during testosterone therapy, call a Raleigh testosterone therapy and failure to warn lawyer to discuss your legal options. A tenacious low testosterone attorney could work tirelessly to assess the facts of your case and build a claim to request the compensation you deserve.

Defining a Failure to Warn Claim

A failure to warn claim is one based on circumstances where a drug company is aware of risks associated with medication and yet fails to warn consumers of those risks — by placing them on the warning label, for example. When this neglect results in an injury, the injured individual may be able to file a claim requesting compensation.

Another possible issue is when a drug company attempts to “bury” the associated risks. For instance, there may be data indicating that men might be at an increased risk of heart attack or stroke when taking a drug, but the company does not feature these possible side effects in the black box warning. Furthermore, they may attempt to hide these side effects through technical and complicated wording that the average person may not understand. Because of the numerous circumstances that may lead to a failure to warn claim, a person might benefit from speaking with a knowledgeable Raleigh testosterone therapy and failure to warn attorney.

Understanding Liability

For a failure to warn claim regarding testosterone therapy, an individual taking a testosterone medication — such as Androgel or Axiron — must have sustained an injury or suffered a condition due to an undisclosed side effect. Generally, the FDA requires drug manufacturers to update their warning labels if any new information is discovered.

Due to this, it may be important for an injured claimant to have a proactive and meticulous lawyer on their side in order to see if the warning labels were updated after or before they sustained an injury. A seasoned attorney could compare the time of the claimant’s injuries with any recent label changes mandated by the FDA. This is because if the company had been required to warn of a risk and they did, in fact, subsequently update their warning, the injured claimant may not be able to file a valid claim.

Drug Company’s Neglect with Testosterone Therapy

Certain testosterone medications have led to heart attacks and strokes — especially with young men who have a prior history of some cardiovascular issues — and did not contain adequate warning labels. However, for a successful failure to warn claim, a claimant would need an indication that the company knew, or should have known about an increased risk of a heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, or deep vein thrombosis, for example — and then failed to warn users about this.

Naturally, this is because, if a company was not aware of the potential harm, they cannot reasonably be held responsible for not providing adequate warning. Because a claim for compensation rests on the possibility of negligence, a claimant might benefit from the counsel and skill of a Raleigh testosterone therapy and failure to warn lawyer. If, for example, it was found that information was discovered during the course of studies and clinical trials that should have prompted an investigation, but was instead neglected or concealed, this might be clear grounds for a claim based on negligence and failure to warn.

How a Raleigh Testosterone Therapy and Failure to Warn Attorney Could Help

While most medication poses some risk, it is the legal duty of drug manufacturers to test their products, just as it is the duty of distributors to provide adequate warning about any discovered side effects. When an injury or illness occurs due to this neglect, the liable companies should be held responsible.

If you were harmed during testosterone therapy after experiencing undisclosed side effects, you might benefit from speaking with a Raleigh testosterone therapy and failure to warn lawyer about your legal options. If retained, a steadfast attorney could investigate the history of a drug company’s testing procedures and any prior neglect and work to build a case on your behalf. To schedule a consultation and start building your claim, call today.