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Mass tort litigation involves multiple individual plaintiffs who have suffered injuries as a result of a drug or device. Instead of having 5,000 similar Nexium cases scattered across the country, for example, those 5,000 lawsuits are consolidated in front of one federal court judge. That federal court judge could make pre-trial rulings, order the defendants to produce documents and discovery, and set up a method by which the parties could efficiently and cost-effectively move the individual cases forward.

A mass tort litigation is not a class action. It is still individual lawsuits, but those individual cases are grouped in front of one federal court judge for judicial efficiency reasons. For more information about Nexium mass tort litigation, reach out to a dedicated lawyer.

How are Mass Tort Claims Handled?

If a multi-district litigation has been created, the individual’s lawsuit would be filed either in the state in which they reside or in the state where the multi-district litigation is taking place.

For example, if someone is injured by Nexium in North Carolina, they could file their case in North Carolina, but it would be transferred to the multi-district litigation that has been formed. The original law firm continues to represent that individual plaintiff, they file a complaint on their behalf, they complete a plan fact sheet for the individual plaintiff, and the case would proceed accordingly.

One of the great benefits of a mass tort is that no single plaintiff has to bear the burden of proving that Nexium is faulty, harmful, or defective. Drug companies typically make billions of dollars and have numerous resources to spend on teams of lawyers, which can make recovering compensation challenging.

A mass tort allows an individual plaintiff’s law firm to collectively pull together and pursue the claim. With Nexium mass tort litigation, much of the expenses and costs could be shared among the plaintiffs, which can be advantageous.

Mass Tort Claims vs. Class Action Suits

The difference between a class action and mass tort litigation is that a class action involves a group of people, typically consumers, who are commonly injured in some way, but the injury does not rise to the level of justifying an individual lawsuit. For example, if AT&T messes up and overbills customers $100 for several billing cycles, it is not going to make sense for individual customers to bring an individual lawsuit against AT&T for $200 that they may have lost on their telephone bill. However, if there are 100,000 people who have each lost $200 on their telephone bill, it makes sense to bring a collective action instead of individual lawsuits against AT&T.

In a class action, the individual plaintiffs have less control because their damages are less. For example, $200 from the cellphone company is wildly different than having acute kidney failure, as in a Nexium mass tort claim. For help with filing a mass tort claim, contact a dedicated dangerous drugs lawyer.

Hiring a Nexium Mass Tort Litigation Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered severe kidney damages as a result of taking the proton pump inhibitor Nexium, you may wish to speak with a mass tort litigation lawyer. An experienced Nexium mass tort litigation attorney could work with other litigators around the country to advance your case efficiently and recover your due compensation. Call today and set up your consultation.