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Uloric (febuxostat), is a Takeda manufactured drug prescribed to treat gout. Over eight million adults are diagnosed with gout, a painful type of arthritis that occurs with the build-up of uric acid in the joints and inflammation in the body. This condition is often painful and debilitation, causing sufferers to seek relief such as that offered by prescription medications like Uloric.

Takeda is accused of intentionally withholding information about Uloric’s risks. In November of 2017, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety communication warning related to clinical trials revealing the increased risk of heart-related deaths after taking Uloric. If you suffered an injury after taking Uloric for any period of time, a Raleigh Uloric Lawyer might be able to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve for your damages. To learn more, contact an experienced injury attorney today.

Uloric’s Black Box Warning

As per CFR 201.56 and 201.57, drug manufacturers must meet specific requirements for labeling their medications. One of these requirements enacted in 2015 includes the portrayal of warnings and precautions on the label. When a drug company fails to label their drugs with the correct warnings or when a serious warning is required, the FDA may step in and require certain warnings.

In February of 2019, the FDA issued a Black Box warning for Uloric. A Black Box warning is the most serious type of warning that the FDA can issue for a drug.

Uloric’s Black Box label details how patients taking Urolic who already have diagnosed cardiovascular disease have a higher rate of death than patients who are treated with a different drug. It further goes on to say that only patients who do not receive adequate treatment with other drugs, who are intolerant to other drugs, or who cannot take other drugs should take Uloric.

Uloric Problems

Unfortunately, many drug manufacturers are in a rush to get their medication on the market and to increase their profits by doing so. When drug companies do not take the legally required steps in getting and keeping their drug on the market, patients and their families could suffer. In certain patients who already have diagnosed heart problems, Uloric could cause even more serious issues. Patients who have used Uloric are known to suffer:

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Bypass surgery
  • Death

An experienced Uloric lawyer in Raleigh could assist them in receiving a settlement or court award for the negligence of Takeda.

Damages Caused by Uloric in Raleigh

For patients who suffered harm from taking Uloric, life may never be the same. While receiving money cannot change the circumstances that victims find themselves in, it could help bring justice and assist injured individuals in starting their life again. Takeda could be liable for compensating sufferers for their losses due to their own negligence.

A Raleigh Uloric lawyer could help victims, and their family members recover monetary compensation for their damages. Injured individuals may claim damages for both economic and non-economic losses. These losses might include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Contact a Seasoned Raleigh Uloric Attorney Today

When drug manufacturers such as Takeda shirk their responsibilities under the law and patients suffer harm, there is no excuse for their behavior. By not adhering to their legal and ethical duties, Takeda puts patients and their families in jeopardy. By hiring a seasoned Raleigh Uloric lawyer, victims could receive financial damages based on their losses and sufferings from taking the drug without being fairly warned.

If you are ready to learn what your Uloric case might be worth, make an appointment today to get your case started.