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IVC filters are metal cage-like devices that are implanted into the vena cava. If someone were to look at it like a bird cage, the very top of the bird cage would be the portion intended to control or hold blood clots that have formed.

Injuries resulting from an IVC filter can greatly impact a person’s life. If you, or a loved one, has experienced an IVC filter injury, or even simply has an IVC filter in place, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable Raleigh IVC filter lawyer to discuss the state of your filter and of your case.

When an IVC Filter May Occur

In the first instance that the IVC filter begins to tilt, meaning an ever-so-slight movement out of place, it is not going be problematic in the beginning. However, if it continues to tilt more over time, then the filter can fracture and cause very severe complications.

If the device ultimately fractures, one of the prongs coming out from the cage-like structure begins to tilt away, then it is no longer able to capture the clots, which is the whole point of the filter. When one of those little prongs breaks off from the rest of the entity, it can travel through the blood stream. As it floats through the blood stream, in a worst-case scenario, it can even pierce the person’s heart and cause severe cardiac injuries.

Bringing a Claim

A person does not need to wait until after perforation to bring a claim. If someone has a temporary or retrievable IVC filter, it is crucial for them to see their doctor, have their filter checked, and have their doctor take an X-ray. The X-ray will show the actual device, and they can see if it is starting to tilt or move in any way from its original location.

After the person has seen their doctor, they should call an attorney. Even if there is no injury yet, the rate of injury with these devices is so high that an attorney would still like to talk to them and make sure their rights are protected, in the event that they do suffer an injury.

Benefits of Contacting a Lawyer

If you contact an attorney early in the process, they can collect medical records from previous surgeries and check-ups. They can then note whether or not the person has a Bard IVC filter or a Cook IVC filter. With this information, they can know more about what the immunological studies say regarding failure rates with regard to that specific filter.

In the case of a surgery to retrieve the device, the information would be in place. One of the most compelling pieces of evidence in these types of cases is the physical device.

For example, in a hip implant case, if you are alleging metallosis, where the ball and socket of the hip joint are rubbing against each other and releasing metal ions, one of the most compelling pieces of evidence is the worn ball and socket, where you can actually see that the metal has rubbed off.

With IVC filter cases, if you have the actual, tangible filter that was retrieved from the body, you can see that part of it has ruptured off or some damage has happened to it. X-rays are also helpful evidence because they can show if the filter was tilted or embedded. Physical evidence that shows something is wrong with the device is going to be very compelling evidence for a jury, and it is going to be important for your case.