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Among the various possible injuries a person may suffer as a result of a malfunctioning IVC filter, perforation and penetration are two common but very serious injuries. When someone suffers these injuries, they should speak with an experienced legal representative as soon as possible. There has been well-documented evidence that retrievable IVC filters can cause serious injuries and a person may have a case they can bring to retrieve compensation for their injuries.

Penetrated IVC Filter

A penetrated IVC filter means the filter has pierced the vena cava. If thinking of the device like a small birdcage or cage-like device, if the prongs are sticking out and one of the prongs pierces the vena cava, it can damage the surrounding tissue and organ. If it pierces or penetrates the vena cava, it can cause serious damage to the surrounding organs and tissue. It can cause inflammation and have a number of unintended side effects.

These injuries are not an intended effect of a n IVC filter, whose purpose is to prevent blood clots.


Pain, swelling, and similar discomfort are indications that someone has suffered a penetrated IVC filter. To know for sure, you would want to look for X-rays, which would show that the filter has pierced the vena cava.

Perforated IVC Filter

A perforated IVC filter is when the filter actually pierces the vena cava and it can affect the surrounding tissue and organs.

If it is not in place it is not able to capture blood clots which may have formed. It may damage the vena cava and it may damage the surrounding tissue and organs.

Some symptoms that a person can look for as indicators that their IVC filter has perforated their vena cava include pain, swelling, pulmonary embolism, or blood clots forming.

Proving This Injury

An X-ray or medical records from your doctor. If the doctor has to remove the retrievable device, then the operative note indicating which procedure was done is needed. These are some of the ways you can demonstrate injury from a perforated IVC filter.

Bringing a Claim

Claims for personal injury including medical expenses and lost wages. You can also bring a claim for wrongful death if someone passes away.

Importance of Working with a Lawyer

When someone has suffered an injury as a result of a medical device that was intended to keep them healthy, they should reach out to an attorney as soon as they can. With an aggressive and compassionate lawyer on their side, a person knows that their claim is protected and that their lawyer will work diligently to help them recover damages for their injuries. Should someone experience an injury as serious as a penetrated IVC filter, it is important that they protect their rights by speaking to an experienced attorney in their area.

An experienced attorney who has handled similar cases can bring claims for personal injury including past and future medical expenses or wages, pain and suffering, permanent scarring, or disfigurement. They can assist the wrongful death claims and their heirs will be entitled to the loss of society, companionship, and relationship of their loved one.

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