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Biomet, a popular medical device manufacturer based in Indiana, specializes in reconstructive surgical products such as hip and knee implants, as well as joint replacements. Their artificial hip replacement implants – including the Stanmore, the M2a Magnum, and the Exceed ABT – have helped the company corner more than 10 percent of the industry market and rake in over $312.9 million in sales. However, despite this success, the US Food and Drug Administration is now warning both doctors and patients that the metal-on-metal design used by Biomet and other hip replacement manufacturers can cause significant injury.

If you or a loved one have received a hip replacement implant, a Raleigh Biomet hip replacement lawyer can examine your medical records and walk you through the process of evaluating whether you have suffered any injury as a result of the implanted device’s defective design.

Your attorney with experience with hip implant complications can also help determine whether it would be in your best interest to pursue compensation from the manufacturer to help with your ongoing and future medical and rehabilitative costs.

Symptoms of Biomet Hip Replacement Dysfunction

There are multiple signs that coincide with a malfunctioning Biomet hip replacement, including pain, swelling or infection near the site, difficulty walking or reduced mobility, an inability to bear weight on the side of the implant, and scraping or popping noises coming from the implant.

If you learn your Biomet hip replacement has failed or requires revision surgery, you may also be at risk for metal poisoning.

The FDA recommends patients and their orthopedic surgeons be on the lookout for symptoms of systemic blood poisoning, since the metal-on-metal design can cause small fragments of metal to break off the implant and enter the patient’s bloodstream whenever the components rub against each other. To learn more or begin filing your claim consult with a Biomet hip replacement lawyer in Raleigh today.

Systemic Signs of Metal in the Blood

Signs and symptoms that may indicate dangerous levels of metal in the blood and warrant contact with a Biomet hip replacement injury attorney in Raleigh include, but are not limited to:

  • Skin rashes, itching, and the presence of petechiae
  • Cardiomyopathy, poor circulation, or heart failure
  • Neurological or sensory changes, including problems with hearing or eyesight
  • New onset or worsening depression, anxiety, confusion, or other cognitive impairment
  • Reduced renal function or other kidney problems
  • Thyroid insufficiency (hypothyroidism), including neck pain or swelling, goiter, fatigue, weight gain or poor metabolism, and feeling cold, especially in the hands and feet

Many of the most serious symptoms of metal particles in the bloodstream may initially not seem connected to the hip implant. If you experience unusual symptoms, it is important to mention them to your doctor and to remind him or her that you underwent hip replacement surgery.

Biomet Hip Replacement Settlements and Judgments

Because there are numerous patients who have suffered injuries due to a faulty or dangerous Biomet hip implant, you may wish to join in a MDL (multi-district litigation) lawsuit with other injured parties in order to receive the compensation for your pain and suffering that you deserve.

Your Raleigh Biomet hip replacement attorney can analyze the details of your claim and help you to best determine how to proceed.