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Hip replacement surgeries are among the most common joint replacements in the United States. In 2010, over 300,000 procedures were performed by doctors around the county. In every case, the doctor replaces the patients’ natural hip with an artificial one made of metal.

A major manufacturer of hip implants is Smith and Nephew. They design and build replacement joints for not just hips, but also for shoulders, knees, and limbs. In the past ten years, these implants have been the subject of many lawsuits alleging improper manufacturing techniques that result in severe pain and device failure. One common source of this pain can be improper metal on metal contact in the joint.

A Raleigh Smith and Nephew metal on metal hip lawsuit can help anyone affected obtain compensation for their pain and suffering. In many instances, injured people may be able to join in an established mass torts suit to ease the path to collecting compensation. Contact a hip replacement injury attorney right away to learn more.

How Hip Replacements Can Cause Pain

Hip replacement surgeries are intended to completely replace the upper leg bone and where it joins with the pelvis. Smith and Nephew designs and manufactures these artificial joints. Their own website describes this process that includes replacing portions of the upper leg and the ball portion of the ball and socket joint in the pelvis.

These items are made of metal for functionality and durability purposes. However, whenever two items made of metal come into contact, they create significant amounts of friction. Ideally, these joints are well lubricated so this friction does not cause any pain.

Unfortunately, Smith and Nephew designed many of their hip replacement joints with critical flaws. These flaws often result in:

  • Pain at the joint location
  • Friction between the artificial joint and natural bone
  • Infections
  • Catastrophic failure of the implant resulting in bends or snaps

Any of these instances of device failure can be the subject of a lawsuit.

Legal Options for Metal on Metal Hip Replacement Victims

Any instance of a medical device failure may be the basis for a lawsuit. Specifically, in cases alleging a Smith and Nephew metal on metal hip replacement failure, the plaintiff states that a poor design caused their injury. As a result, a plaintiff may sue the manufacturer directly for their injuries as a result of their poor design.

How an Attorney Could Help

The recovery and associated pain with a successful hip replacement surgery are significant. But when that surgery fails because of a defective medical device, especially when that device is a metal on metal joint, the result can be excruciating. Whenever people suffer these injuries they deserve compensation.

An attorney could help people evaluate their experience after a Smith and Nephew metal on metal hip transplant. They then work with them to determine the proper path forward to seek compensation. Call today for a free consultation.