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Since it first became commercially available in 1984, the ParaGard brand of intrauterine medical device (IUD) has been a popular choice for women looking an affordable method of contraception that does not involve birth control hormones. Unfortunately, numerous women who had this IUD installed have since experienced significant medical complications due to the copper arms of the device breaking during removal.

If you suffered perforation of the uterus, infection, or any other harmful effect during the routine or surgical removal of this product, a Raleigh ParaGard IUD lawyer may be able to help. You may be able to seek significant civil compensation from this product’s manufacturer for your injuries and subsequent losses with the help of a knowledgeable attorney.

Possible Grounds for a ParaGard IUD Claim

Any time a company makes a product available for purchase by the public, they take on a responsibility not only to ensure their product is designed and manufactured safely, but also to inform customers of all known risks associated with normal use. This is especially important when it comes to medical products, since failures of implanted medical devices can often have immediate and debilitating physical effects on patients.

Teva Pharmaceuticals—the company responsible for making the ParaGard IUD—ostensibly sold a functioning product, in the sense that the IUD’s plastic-wrapped copper wings effectively created a spermicidal effect in the uterus that prevented fertilization. However, this company did not notify doctors or patients that those wings could potentially break off during routine or surgical removal of the device, meaning they failed to fulfill the duty of care they owed to everyone who used their product.

As a result, the FDA has recorded thousands of cases of ParaGard IUD breakage leading to serious injuries and sometimes even forced hysterectomies. Anyone who experienced any kind of harm under these circumstances that required additional medical treatment and expenses may have grounds for a case, as a Raleigh ParaGard IUD attorney could explain in more detail.

What Damages Could a Plaintiff Recover For?

Due to the number of patients who have suffered injury due to their ParaGard IUD breaking during removal, Teva Pharmaceuticals has faced a significant number of lawsuits for their failure to warn customers about their product’s dangerous flaw. Through a successful claim, a patient hurt in this way could potentially recover compensation for every form of financial and personal harm they experienced because of this product, including:

  • Expenses for additional medical treatment, including surgeries and rehabilitative care
  • Lost income from missed work shifts or days
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish, including loss of enjoyment of life

Importantly, though, prospective plaintiffs do not have an unlimited amount of time to pursue litigation of their own. Under North Carolina General Statutes §1-52, a three-year filing deadline applies to all personal injury claims. In other words, anyone in Raleigh who wants to file suit against Teva Pharmaceuticals over ParaGard IUD removal injuries may get their case started—or have a qualified lawyer do so on their behalf—within three years of when they first discovered their injuries.

Talk to a Raleigh ParaGard IUD Attorney Today

When manufacturing companies sell unsafe products without fully informing consumers of their dangerous nature, innocent people often end up paying the price in both economic and personal terms. Fortunately, you may have the right to hold such a company responsible for their actions through civil litigation if you can prove that their negligence directly led to your compensable damages.

If the process of getting your ParaGard IUD removed left you dealing with serious physical, financial, and emotional harm, you do not have to accept your unfortunate circumstances without a fight. Call a Raleigh ParaGard IUD lawyer to see what your legal options may be.