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Dog bites can be painful and the resultant injuries can be expensive to treat. However, you may be eligible for compensation that can go towards your bills. If you have sustained injuries due to serious dog bites and want to know which Raleigh dog bite damages you are eligible for, contact an attorney. An experienced dog bite lawyer can advocate for you.

Various Types of Compensation a Person Can Receive

A person can receive Raleigh dog bite damages for medical expenses, hospital bills, physical therapy, and basically all treatment rendered to the injured person regarding the injury. They can also receive damages for any lost wages, for being out of work, and not being able to do their job or employment.

An injured person can recover damages future medical expenses, whether that is plastic surgery in the future or laser treatment or something like that, and pain and suffering. They can also recover compensation mental pain and physical suffering experienced in reliving the dog bite/attack event.

The more medical care and treatment necessary for the dog bite injuries, the more costs involved and the higher the monetary award.

How Multiple Injuries Increase Potential For Damages

The greater the harm, the greater the damage; and the greater the damage, the more Raleigh dog bite damages a person is going to be able to show to a jury or to the insurance company.

If a person receives one injury, that does not warrant the amount of compensation for multiple injuries. Multiple injuries arising from a single attack would bring an increased monetary award. Also, the more serious the injuries incurred in a dog bite/attack, the higher the monetary compensation.

However, any fault on the part of the plaintiff (injured person) would be contributory negligence and could be a complete bar to recovery.

Damage Caps in Raleigh Dog Bite Cases

Damage caps are present because of tort reform which occurred in the last few decades. It is an attempt to disparage the public perception about frivolous lawsuits. There are no caps in dog bite cases unless it is a punitive damages case (merely to punish the dog owner) and it can only be four times the amount of compensatory damages.

If a person was badly injured and if there are caps on damages, they may not be fully compensated for the past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages that result.

How Severity of an Injury Can Impact the Potential to Receive Compensation

The more severe the injuries, the more Raleigh dog bite damages a person can seek. If a person has a little dog bite that goes away in a couple of days and there is no permanent scarring, it is obviously not as serious as a major gush on someone’s face, hands, or arms that may lead to a scar for the rest of their life.

If it is a deep gash that requires stitches, hospitalization, EMS treatment, and follow-up treatment, that will be of significant value when compared to a dog bite that heals quickly and leaves no lasting remnants. When these events relate to children, if there is a permanent scar, there may be the need for future plastic surgery or future treatment to try to help eliminate or lessen the noticeability of the scarring or the bite marks. If an individual wants to know more about recovering damages, they should consult a qualified dog bite attorney today.