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People who have sustained injuries after dog bites usually wonder if they can file lawsuits against dog owners. Like all personal injury cases, dog bite victims must prove that negligence, which can be difficult without help from a dog bite attorney.

It is a well-known fact that negligence is a complicated area of law that involves many exceptions and circumstances. Generally speaking, negligence occurs when a person does something he/she should not have done or does not do something he/she should have, which results in another person suffering injuries.

In cases involving dog bites, a pet owner may be accused of being negligent if:

  • The pet owner lets his/her dog run free
  • The pet owner does not securely restrain his/her dog on a leash
  • Tthe pet owner does not keep his/her dog in a secured area

These are just some examples of pet owner negligence that may uphold in court and enable victims to move forward with personal injury lawsuits.

3 Things You Should Do After a Dog Bite

Each year, countless people sustain dog bites while doing simple things, like taking a walk or visiting their neighbors. When people have been bitten by dogs, they not only have to deal with their physical wounds, but also the trauma that often accompanies an attack. For this reason, people who have been dog bite victims should contact a Raleigh personal injury attorney and follow these three tips:

  • Seek medical treatment. No matter how minor the bite may appear, it is important that dog bite victims seek medical treatment. Sometimes, dogs may not be up-to-date on their shots which means they can transmit diseases to dog bite victims. For this reason, medical attention is important.
  • Write down the details of the incident. Remember to write down where the accident occurred and a detailed description of the dog. Also be sure to detail what led to the dog bite.
  • Get help from a dog bite attorney. In some cases, people may be entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries and pain and suffering. A dog bite lawyer can represent victims throughout the legal process and fight for a positive outcome.

Have you been bitten by a dog in Raleigh and suffered injuries? If so, contact the Whitley Law Firm now to set up your consultation with a Raleigh personal injury lawyer.